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Steep slope in back yard...would love some ideas! (pics included)

posted by: juliann74 on 07.11.2010 at 12:50 pm in Landscape Design Forum

Hello! I have been a lurker on here since we built our house 4 years ago, and have used many great ideas to landscape our property and decorate our home. We are 95% do-it-yourself-ers, but have come to complete halt when it comes to our back slope.

The area we are looking to landscape is the area in the photos that isn't mowed in a semi-circular shape.

Some information:

Currently the area is weed-whacked 2x/a summer, because it is VERY difficult to mow (and frankly a big pain to weed-whack!). So, we have ruled out the mowing option.

Our soil is clay and rocks, and I mean all CLAY and large rocks. Many plants that I have tried have failed to grow on this slope, and few of them including cone flowers and butterfly bushes.

There are 6+ springs in the hill, which used to drain down into our small yard. So, last fall we hired a contractor to build the retaining wall and install drainage.

What we would like:

-Something easy to maintain, neat looking, and relatively easy for us to do ourselves and maintain. NEAT looking is my main objective since we sit entertain on our back porch often and look at it everyday.

-The design need not be entirely formal, since we live in a country setting.

Thank you in advance. This is becoming a big issue between my husband and I. It has become such an overwhelming project, it's like we have become paralyzed! We are short on ideas, and would really love some other eyes to help give us ideas.

Coming up driveway:
Coming up driveway



From back porch




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Stone Patties

posted by: HoneyBeatrice on 02.13.2011 at 12:47 pm in Landscape Design Forum

This was my first Stone Patty project. Behind the garage area that was always going to get a walk. Took matters into my own hands & formed stones with mortar mix that fit together, wet to dry, so they can move with the frost. Came through winter wonderfully!

Here is a link that might be useful: Stone Patties I


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refacing a brick fireplace

posted by: molson on 10.04.2002 at 12:45 pm in Fireplaces Forum

I'm purchasing a home with an old mid 60's brick fireplace. It's in great shape and looks ok, but we want to have a more contemporary decor. Is it possible to simply cover the brick surround with some sort of cement and reface it with tiles and a new mantle?



Good Ideas for fireplace remodels
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