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Using glass blocks in a curbless shower or wet room (Follow-Up #17)

posted by: johnfrwhipple on 07.09.2010 at 08:57 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I would love to draw this out for you but there is many variables involved.

What I can do is show you how I did mine and then offer any guidance in altering my technique to meet your local code or your particular set up.

The key point to consider is that with your curbless shower your entire bathroom should be a shower pan. your primary waterproofing protection should be graded at least 2" above the drain's elevation.

Vanities, toilets, cast iron radiators, floor heat and many many other things all come into play. So does floor deflection and on and on. All that said - look this stuff up and check with your inspectors...

What I do is prep the floor and install my drain. We heat the room with cable heat and then do a mud job to grade the entire bathroom floor. Your glass blocks need to be secured to the floor with rebar or possibly stainless strap tie (or equivalent). This creates the weak point.

I like to form a 2.5" wide x 2" + "X" tall curb out of concrete with these Stainless strong tie straps coming out on their exact mark ("x" = height needed to get exact ceiling height fit). We can then bring the waterproofing up and over this mini curb and with a little effort you can set your wall tile level with the glass block thickness (4" I used).

I posted a sketch some time ago and not sure where it went.

I will gladly sketch out my thoughts for you if you provide me with all the details. Please post it here so others can offer second and third opinions on my idea or your install.

4" x 4" Black Italian Marble

A picture of the curbless shower floor with the glass blocks. The waterproofing comes up and over under the blocks. I used some redguard over the kerdi where the straps came through the concrete. I had one strap for every grout joint and we pinned in some of the tiny rebar beside.

A fussy job getting the measurements right and setting the first two rows. Once your base is solid it goes up a little like lego - but with a rubber mallet...

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