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RE: In your opinion: Best looking gas fireplace? (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: trish-and on 02.21.2007 at 09:07 am in Fireplaces Forum

Your builder is absolutely right, the Fireplace Xtrodinaire is the best looking gas fireplace around. I've looked at (seems like) hundreds during the last few months and none of the others compare. The other log-sets look so fake, one can clearly see that they're not "real wood." The FPX will fool you. Check out the FPX "Revolution 36 CF Rectangular F/P." This f/p has the size and depth of a real woodburning f/p---really, I have not seen any that compare.


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RE: In your opinion: Best looking gas fireplace? (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: shabo40 on 02.13.2007 at 08:05 pm in Fireplaces Forum

We also are going with the Heat-n-Glo Escape. we looked at the other major, big flame units such as the Lennox Monticello,Napolean Madison, Town & Country & Vermont Chateau. One of the reasons we chose escape is that it requires the least framing depth at 22". Some of the others are around 29".
It is not installed yet but in the showroom it has a nice realistic flame and not overly hot at 40,000 btu inout max.


Fireplace Recommendation
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RE: Does anyone like their appliances? (Follow-Up #25)

posted by: buehl on 08.03.2009 at 09:58 am in Appliances Forum

The OP seems to be down to DW & refrigerator choices, but I though I'd give a brief summary of our "mid-level" appliances:

GE Profile 36" Refrigerator (CD/FD w/water in door) (PFCS1NJWSS): So far, we've had no problems with it and other than adjusting to the smaller size have been very pleased with it. I like the bottom freezer better than our old top freezer as the bottom one has 3 drawer compartments so I see more and can arrange things better. I don't recommend ice in the door for two reasons (1) the ice dispenser in our old GE Profile refrigerator died after a year or two and (2) the ice maker & dispenser take up valuable refrigerator space. The refrigerated section of a 36" CD refrigerator is already small enough, the last thing you want to do is take up more space w/an ice maker & dispenser.

GE Profile 30" Trivection Double Ovens (JT980SKSS): Top oven has Trivection (speed cook/broil) and both have convection, I love these ovens! They are probably my favorite appliance! Trivection is wonderful, cutting most baking, roasting, or broiling by half to 2/3 or so...very useful since both my DH & I work outside the home.

GE Profile 30" Warming Drawer (PTD915SMSS): Does just what I need it to do...not much else to say! Note: install this next to or under your range/cooktop, not in an oven stack (unless that stack is next to your cooktop/range.) People who put them next to their range/cooktop use them far more than those that don't.

KA Dishwasher (KUDS03STSS): This is the one appliance I'm really disappointed with. We have to wash everything on "Heavy Duty" and even then the flatware isn't always clean.

GE Profile 36" Electric Smoothtop Cooktop (PP962SMSS): It performs well enough but the black surface isn't as easy to keep clean as my old GE Profile Convection range's had a speckled top. Two features I really like about it are the warming zone (keep warm) and bridge element. The bridge element allows me to use a griddle to span the two 7" elements. The bridge element is a heating element b/w those two 7" elements.

Vent-A-Hood 42" Range/Vent Hood (SEPH18-242): This might not be a "mid-level", but I'm very pleased with it. Even though we have a less than ideal installation (interior wall w/probably 12 or 13 feet of duct run, conversion from round to rectangular ducting, and 4 turns), it really isn't too loud. Yes, it does make some noise and if you're standing in front of it while it's on high you do have to turn the TV up some, but it's so much quieter & effective than my old, ineffective hood!

Sharp 30" MW Drawer (KB-6025MS): This also is probably not mid-level, but it works great and solved a design problem (no tall cabinet space for a MW). Sensor cook cooks just about everything perfectly and has quite a few nice features like melt & soften. If you go w/a MW drawer, get the 24" one instead of the 30". They're both exactly the same size inside; the 30" just has more trim.


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RE: Can I convert a now mulching mower to a mulching mower? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: saxman1 on 06.30.2008 at 09:09 am in Lawn Mowers Forum

Non-mulching decks were designed for one thing - throwing clippings out the discharge. They would bag if a chute were placed over the discharge port. In order to mulch, the discharge port must be closed, and the deck must be of a certain design so the clippings are cut and re-cut. Usually it is not possible to get satisfactory results by 'converting' an older design to mulching. You would have to fabricate a blocking plug for the discharge port, and there is no 'fix' for the wrong type of deck. The greatest problem may be power. 3.5 HP was the norm for many years and it was adequate for discharging and bagging. When mulching mowers started selling, power started increasing, because mulching takes twice the power. If your mower doesn't have at least 5 HP and an engine in excellent condition, it may not be able to 'cut it' regardless of modifications you make to the mower.
Bottom line, even with all the problems above, if you put a mulching blade on your mower and manage to block off the discharge, it probably will mulch to some extent. After all, it would be cheap to find out.


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