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Help with paint colours for Masterbed in new house

posted by: sparksals on 01.13.2008 at 10:53 pm in Home Decorating Forum

Hi there,

I don't think I"ve posted here before, but I definitely lurk.

We just moved cross country and bought a house that closes on Jan. 28. I want to paint at least the masterbedroom and kitchen before we move in.

Our new masterbedroom is HUGE - 24X13, while our previous room was 15X12 - a significant difference in space. We have room to put our bedroom furniture on one side and create a sitting/reading area on the other.

Here are photos from the RE listing. This is not our furniture, but to give you an idea as to the size of the room. They're split in two because the room is too large to photo in one shot. The photos from the RE Listing are linked at the bottom and here are the masterbed photos:



It's a very large room and I think we can fit our bed btwn the two windows, not sure about that as I think it may be best to not have a big empty space until we can get furniture for a seating area. I still have to measure the distance btwn the two windows to see if the bed will fit.

I want to paint the masterbed to compliment our bedding. Calvin Klein Bamboo Flowers. We have the entire set except for the slate blanket, the organza throw pillow and the pinstripe blanket. We have the two shades of pillow cases, plus the shams as well as the rythmic stripe sheets and the hyacinth. That way, I can give the bedding a slightly different look every time I change it. We have the comforter and the duvet cover as well.

From the Macy's Website:


To see the organza pillow up close, you can zoom in on it to see the comlimentary colours. You can also see the different sheet colours - rhythmic stripe, hyacinth etc.

With our bedroom furniture in our previous house. I still have those curtains, they were custom, but they're going into another room since they don't match. I had them before I fell in love with the bedding. The lamps, which also don't match, but had long before the furniture and bedding, will go in the guest room.



The green pillow in the center of the bed exactly matches the green in the bamboo flowers portion of the bedding. The background colour is a muted periwinkle and the darker flowers are a deeper periwinkle. I LOVE this bedding!

We spent 4 years in Korea and that's where we met. We have alot of Asian decorations, a few scrolls, celadon vases, lanterns, etc., that I think will go nicely with the bedding to create an Asian theme for the room.

I'm at a loss as to what to paint the walls. I want something warm and earthy, but I don't want to go dark green like the colour of the pillow. Perhaps a more muted shade of that green family? More like a green rock clayish colour?

I don't want to do any type of periwinkle, purples or blues. DH would have a fit! lol

Can anyone give reccos as to what would work? I want something very warm so that the bedding will pop, compliment the furniture but not stand out so much that it looks strange in the room.

Here's a photo of our bedroom set - we love this - got it at


DH's "Gentleman's Chest"


For the kitchen, I want to paint it a shade that is goldish taupe, NOT yellowish and I may carry that through the rest of the house except for the bedrooms. In the kitchen, I have burgundy accents and window toppers with matching seat pillows. This photo is from our previous house.


And here's the kitchen photos for the house we are buying:





So, any reccos for the masterbedroom and kitchen? I really like warm goldentones and dislike those golden tones that are yellowish. I much prefer going to the green or taupe side of the gold tones, if that makes sense.

I've seen other photos here of some of the "buffs" from BM. I like Huntington and the colour from Susan's home... pettsfield buff??

Any reccos on what colour will work to make our masterbedroom a warm retreat? I see that room as having so much promise. Photos and swatches of colour suggestions would be so appreciated!

Same with the kitchen. We will eventually get rid of the lino and probably put the same tile in that was in our previous house - Everest Verde - and then put in granite countertops. Also want to update the light fixtures as they are quite dated.

We did tonnes of renovations on our old house and then my dh was transferred. I finally had the house the way I liked it and now we have to start over on this one! lol

Here is a link that might be useful: RE Listing photos


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I looked - there's not a decorating bone in my body

posted by: cactuscatie on 01.16.2008 at 03:55 pm in Home Decorating Forum

When it comes to decorating, I'm clueless. I'm trying to pick out WT for our family room/kitchen (pics below). Today I went to a local decorating store for help. I explained that I was thinking about printed roman shades for the kitchen with a coordinating pattern in the family room. Now mind you, I have no clue if patterned and printed would be the best way to go. Anyway, this is how the visit went:

1. Because I painted both rooms the same color, I connected the rooms and I was told that all WT should be the same color/pattern.

2. He also told me roman shades should be in solids or tone on tone and not printed or patterned because they are somewhat permanent and I would get tired of the print.

3. He told me that there were no roman shades that come in fabric patterns so I would need custom. I agreed to look at his fabrics books.

4. While I was looking at his fabric books at least 3 times he brought up how costly custom shades can be. I finally told him cost wasn't an issue if I found what I liked. By now I am completely turned off.

Now I am second guessing myself. He does have a point about getting tired of the print. No words can describe how I feel right now, I am completely lost and frustrated.

I've attached pictures but it is hard to get good pics because of how the rooms are situated. I hope you can get a good idea. The color is BM Saybrook Sage and I am turning to everyone here for suggestions. Our neighbors are close, so privacy is an issue.

ps the reason I wanted roman shades is because I want a simple look, no curtains or valences, etc. We have new trim and I don't want to hide it just yet. I figured if I get a print, it would add color to the room. Otherwise, where the heck do I bring in some color???

Here's how the room is split.


view from kitchen to family room. note: there is another window to the left of the stained glass.


view of windows in family room


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Help me Revamp Our Listing Description

posted by: sparksals on 09.02.2007 at 12:50 am in Buying and Selling Homes Forum

The ongoing saga of our house not having any lookers, yet is priced in line with comps. Three homes in the area are under contract. While that's encouraging, I wish one of them was mine!

I never liked the listing description the realtor wrote. It's too generic and doesn't showcase anything about the home. I do like each blurb with the photos.

I'm thinking of all the positive aspects of our home we need to focus on to make us pop. In no particular order, but what I want in the limited space is

1. Top notch school district.
2. Fireplace
3. Private and maturely landscaped backyard
4. His n' hers walk in closets in master
5. Recent renos of new tile (diagonal), carpet in beds, new roof, updated fixtures, new paint.
6. We are in a prime location very close to I-10. That is a huge plus in Tucson. Shopping and restaurants are nearby.
7. We are close to three schools, elementary is walking distance.
8. There's a playground in the neighbourhood.
9. Nice view of backyard from FR and Kitchen.
10. Pond/waterfall
11. we have dual cooling - both AC and Evap cooler. Most homes have only one. Coincidentally, a home that is under contract in our area sold with only an evap cooler which is totally useless during monsoon season. The fact we have both is a bonus.

I really like fairygirl's part of the description where it says "Serene, mature landscaping & cozy fireplace add to the beauty of this home. "

This is a rough draft. Feel free to tear apart, pick apart or say that it's perfect! lol

Turnkey home in top school district close to 1-10, schools and all ammenities. New gleaming tile in living areas & baths, plush new carpet in bedrooms, bright kitchen with view of backyard. Masterbed features his & hers walkin closets and slider to back patio. New light and plumbing fixtures. New ductwork for Air Con & Evap Cooler. Serene, mature landscaping & cozy fireplace add to the beauty of this home all under a brand new roof.

Any tweaking ideas? Complete revamp? I checked and the word count is close to the max. I went by fairygirl's listing (the other lady in Tucson) which has 436 characters with spaces. Above is 431.

Starting Tuesday, we are going to offer an incentive to the buyer's realtor to hopefully get people at least in here. The commission is already an even split at the going rate of 6%, so we are going to offer an additional $2K to the realtor who brings in a qualified buyer and successfully closes. We just can't afford to chase down the market. If this at least brings in lookers when we haven't had any, then I will consider this strategy a success.

Appreciate any and all advice -which I know I will get whether I want it or not! lol

Here is a link that might be useful: Listing


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Critique MIL's Listing

posted by: sparksals on 06.07.2007 at 10:42 pm in Buying and Selling Homes Forum

MIL listed her house in NJ last week. She's had about 6 showings and her house is priced lower than comps. A house up the street, smaller and with no updated kitchen sold for $537K, she's listed at $519,900.

I have my issues with the listing and I'd like your feedback to see if what I see needing improvement is right before I tell her. As a DIL, I don't want her to be offended at my observations.

For one, the listing shows 5 bedrooms, the Realtor's listing shows 4. It's a 5 bedroom home. The description at sucks. There's more photos at the realtor's listing than

I think the photos are crappy and I feel that MIL needs to remove alot of her rugs to show the fantastic h/w floors. The room with the piano, I feel she should remove the blankets and pillows from the couch, the rug on the floor and the rug on the piano.

In the FR, remove all the afghans and tidy up a bit. In DR, remove the tablecloth. Entry, remove large rug to show h/w. I think her kitchen shows well.

She has a wonderful addition room with a fantastic woodstove that goes out to the deck, although it's a bit dark and dated, I think there should be a photo of the room with the woodstove. She borders on Rutger's university with lots of forest behind.

No masterbedroom photos... the room is dated as is the full bath upstairs.

So, let it rip. Be honest. I'm going to call her tomorrow. My dh seemed to agree with me, but I want to double check so that I don't overwhelm her with criticism that is really meant to be honest feedback. listing:

Please let me know anything I'm missing in terms of listing/critique of photos etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Realtor's Listing


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Annie's salsa mix...big hit

posted by: gardengalrn on 08.03.2005 at 10:00 pm in Harvest Forum

I have spent several years trying to make a really good salsa and have finally hit the nail on the head after trying Annie's recipe. Our gold standard for commercial salsa is Pace, we just love it and no other will do. I adjusted the recipe just a teeny bit since I like just the hint of cilantro. I didn't grow jalapenos this year so habeneros and hot lemon went in instead. This is absolutely the best salsa I've made! Everyone is raving about it after a lot of failures, LOL. I think the other recipes I've tried were too thick with various spices, including the Ball's prepared mixes. Thanks a bunch, Annie, this was a big hit for us. Lori


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