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RE: counter height window pictures please (Follow-Up #20)

posted by: erikanh on 02.11.2009 at 05:25 pm in Kitchens Forum

americancolleen, you sound just like me! Months ago when I saw photos of some of these windows that go down to the counter, I decided I had to have one, and I wanted it to be the focal point of my kitchen.

My window trim isn't painted yet, but I wanted to show you my bump-out. It's only 6 inches deep, but it makes the area behind the sink seem huge. It was much less expensive to do than a greenhouse window. (Please ignore my leaning faucet ... not hooked up yet.)



Good luck!



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RE: counter height window pictures please (Follow-Up #25)

posted by: erikanh on 02.13.2009 at 02:44 pm in Kitchens Forum

Thanks Colleen and Karen! =)

Colleen, sorry it took me a while to get these photos for you of the outside. We didn't need a little roof because we have an overhang there. The guys said it was very easy to frame. If you want me to ask them about how much you should expect to pay, give me the size of your window and I'll ask them.



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Stainless Steel Ranges - Cleaning ??

posted by: saxmaan1 on 09.25.2009 at 10:45 pm in Appliances Forum

After being in a bunch of open houses lately, I notice many SS ranges are really discolored. And they are the expensive models. These ranges are beautiful when I look at them in the store brand new, but do these things look nasty after several years use? What should I expect? I am looking for a range, and currently have an ancient one made by Caloric, but the paint has always cleaned well. I was considering Stainless, but now I am wondering. And if you need to scrub the surface clean with one of the sponges with the green scrub surface, do you wind up making scratches to the surface?


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faucet escutchen?

posted by: kailuamom on 09.29.2009 at 08:23 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hey all -

Long time no talk. I am still grieving my beautiful kitchen that I still own, but have only cooked in once! But, that's not what I'm writing about.....

In the CA house, I would like to update our perfectly good kitchen. I really need a new faucet. Here's the thing, our current faucet has an escutchen (am I spelling that right?) and none of the faucets I want seem to have them.

Can I just buy the part and add it to a faucet I buy? Do I have to have one? See below pix of what I have and what I want;

What I have

Link to what I want

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Leland


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