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RE: Do U LOVE Your Kitchen Sink Faucet?! (Follow-Up #34)

posted by: segbrown on 07.07.2012 at 10:13 am in Kitchens Forum

I do love ours, the Kohler Hi-Rise Bridge. And the matching sidespray. I looked long and hard for a pull-down, because I liked the function of the pull-down, but I never found one I liked enough. There are a few times that I might prefer the pull-down, but that's outweighed by how I love the look and feel and heft of the Kohler, and after 3 years, haven't had any issues. (Three years isn't that long, but..) The sidespray is on its own water, so you can use it without turning on the main faucet, which is nice.



similar to kitchen run
like the dedicated hand spray
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RE: Toto Guinevere - so disappointed! looong review (Follow-Up #53)

posted by: electrotom on 02.11.2010 at 03:04 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I found a fix for the dripping sound!!!

I already owned a Toto Guinevere Toilet. It was the 1.6 gallon flush. I was surprised by your review and the dripping sound you encountered. I was considering buying a second one, and despite your review, I went ahead. The supplier advertised that the 1.6 gallon was still available, but sent the 1.28 gallon instead. I decided to keep it, although reluctantly.

To my surprise, after I installed it, I too heard a constant dripping. To confirm water was leaking, I shut off the valve under the toilet feeding water, made a mark with a Sharpie at the water line, and let it sit for several hours. After about 6 hours, the tank was empty. All the water leaked out. I tried reseating the flapper and tightening the brass screws that mount the white plastic seat that the flapper sits on. No difference.

I called Toto customer service. They claim not to have heard of the issue, but sent me both a new flapper and a new seat which included the vertical fill pipe. First, I just installed the flapper. Not change, drip was still there. Then I removed the old filler seat and installed the new one. After the first flush, I did hear the dripping sound. But after a few minutes, it was quite. To confirm the problem was solved, I again closed the water fill valve and waited for about 6 hours. This time, the tank remained full.

The dripping for the most part is fixed. The toilet does seem to drip for a couple of minutes after a flush. Seems like the toilet slightly overfills and this must drip out. (My 1.6 gallon Guinevere does not do this.) It will also drip if new waste is added to the bowl without flushing. I consider this normal and it stops dripping after the excess water drips out. The constant dripping is gone.

I hope this helps anyone out there with the dripping problem.


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