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Dropping leaves and browning Pittosporum Marjorie Channon

posted by: socalgreenthumb on 05.13.2013 at 08:23 pm in Shrubs Forum

Hi There,
I recently bought (2) 5 gallon Pittosporum Marjorie Channon shrubs and planted them in little bit bigger plastic containers. The plants when I bought them were in an area of the nursery that received a lot of sun. I am in Los Angeles, CA. Where they are now, they receive about 6 hours of good AM sun and then are in the shade for the rest of the day on a second story balcony. The recent heat spell and raise in temps over the last weeks looks like it is killing them off, the leaves are dropping and browning and shriveling up. However the one that gets the most amount of sun is doing better, yet is starting to drop leaves and brown a bit as well. Soil is still damp so they dont need water and I am good at NOT over watering. I thought these were hardy plants kind of like a box-wood (which are next to the "pittos" and doing fine. I attached a picture of the one that gets less sun. Any thing I can do or not do to save them?


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