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RE: I now realize I live in the wrong area of CT (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: barefootinct on 06.12.2006 at 08:37 am in New England Gardening Forum

Smitty, that is so ironic. I was just visiting my MIL's new place in Cheshire and from the highway to her apartment I passed no less than 4 great looking nurseries! This was in just a few miles. Each nursery looked better than the other and as we whizzed out of town on the way home I noticed that the Welcome to Cheshire sign said something about being a "bedding plant capital". I was thinking, wow, would I like to live here. And there you are, just a hop, skip and a jump away. Lucky you. There must be tons of gardening clubs in that area.

I think you might be right about most gardeners on this site being women (although I notice the Landscape Forum and Tree forums seem to have quite a few men). Ironically, my first gardening buddy was my neighbor/friend's husband. She and my husband would joke about what we were up to in the garden. Really, just gardening.

I find the love of gardens and tending a garden bring together people of all ages, sexes, and affliations. Somehow when you're tending plants and digging holes and spreading compost everyone is just a person, equal but with different strengths and weaknesses. It's like that line from the children's song "Pullin' weeds and pickin' stones,
We are made of dreams and bones."



Hi Patty,
You haven't seen anything yet.. There are at least 20 times more wholesale nurseries scattered all over cheshire off some small road or other LOL. I love Cheshire Nursery. They have been good to me, going out of there way to meet my needs several times down through the years. Just this year they ordered 100 bareroot strawberry plants for me at 50 cents each well after the offical time for buying berry plants was over. Most of the other nurseries had only potted plants at 3.99 ea.

You would think with this great Plethora of nurseries you would think that there would be more garden clubs?
The wallingford garden club is a social club for ladies. They do great things like all of the public gardens here in town, but they are all ladies and I would be the only rooster in the hen house..not bad..but equally not what I seek (c:
Thanks for the post.. Smitty

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RE: I now realize I live in the wrong area of CT (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: ginny12 on 06.12.2006 at 08:34 am in New England Gardening Forum

There are guys here, Smitty! But they tend to use names that don't clearly express gender. I'm Ginny12 and it's pretty obvious that's a female name but how about Tree Oracle? We know he's a guy but newbies might not--no way of telling from that name. EGO45 is another example of a great guy gardener whose gender is not identifiable from his cyber name. There are other examples. Hey, guys, you need to come out of the woodwork so Smitty can reassure his wife that this is an equal opportunity forum!

An OT question might be: Are guys less likely to choose cyber names like their real names--or any human name--than women? If so, why? That'll get your week off to a good start.


Hi Ginny12,
Thanks for the answer. Judging by the ammount of postings this generated I may not be to far off base in wondering where are the other guys. I wouldn't mind a bunch of women it is when only one shows up that my wife is seeing green.
That has happened LOL. If there were a hubby and a wife she is ok with that. Can't blame her. She asked me how I would feel if a guy were to come hanging around with her. Grrrr better not (c:
So she has a ligit gripe. Thansk again for the response.. Smitty <--guys name
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