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RE: Contractor installed the toilet wrong! (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: slinkblot on 09.01.2012 at 08:57 pm in Bathrooms Forum

A little history in this nightmare: The contractor completely demolished our bathroom and started from scratch. He built up a new shower with new drainage, (from bathtub to stall shower)replaced the old toilet with a new one, tiled the shower (many a problem there too) and floor. When we initially saw the water stain in the closet, we cut away the entire drywall ceiling of the downstairs closet to see what exactly is leaking. It was discovered that the shower drain was leaking when my husband poured water down the drain and it poured into the drip pan we placed on the shelf in the closet. Now we have to hire a plumber to come out and re-do the drainage for the shower as the guy improperly "glued" the p-trap under the floor. ALL THE MATERIALS were purchased by him for the shower (on our dime of course). As for the toilet, we bought the toilet and wax ring (the best one available at Home Depot). It's not the ring, or the toilet. Now that the toilet has been properly installed by my husband AND the contractor, it doesn't leak; but the shower still does.


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RE: Bathroom remodel problems (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: kirkhall on 08.23.2012 at 07:21 pm in Remodeling Forum

Fire him. And, find a new contractor. You are going to have problems on down the line with what he has done. Cut your losses and find someone who will do it right.


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