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RE: NEED help with color and style of kitchen (pics) (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: rosie on 02.08.2009 at 06:17 pm in Kitchens Forum

Mandy, if you don't start by learning what is really right for you among all the many looks you like (me too) you may well end up disappointed. My most heartfelt advice is to go to the library, browse the old magazines, and make copies of what you like. Browse the magazines and books in book stores, but only buy something if a picture really pings or has a lot of ideas that get you thinking. Go to antique malls where some of the venders offer used decorating magazines and buy those with pictures you like. A range of at least several years is good since it frees you up a bit from whatever looks are being marketed for sale at this particular time.

Lay the pictures all out and look for patterns. This is how I learned I liked rooms with lots of color IF they had little light-dark variation. It's also how I learned that I do like like-dark contrast IF it starts with most of the dark down low (like a dark floor), progresses up to dark accents in a light midplane (white sofa, yeah right), and ends with all light at the top. That I like ANY room, no matter what it looks like, if it has lots of books. Who knew? Not me until I educated myself a bit about myself.

I've learned a whole lot that's benefited me from this forum, but I never ever asked others what they like since I knew it would be irrelevant and distracting.


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