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Miele USA Service Problems - Anyone else having issues?

posted by: baver on 02.09.2010 at 03:31 pm in Appliances Forum

I have been trying to get WARRANTY service on my over $3000 Masterchef oven for over a month and cannot get anyone from Miele to respond. What is going on there? I have been in touch with the warranty department, the dealer, the distributor, the regional manager, and nothing. Anyone else having similar issues? Advice, please.


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48' range which one.

posted by: marlinman on 11.11.2010 at 02:01 am in Appliances Forum

We are building our dream house that we've designed around a 48" free standing range. We went to the local store and they were pushing the GE Monogram. My wife and kids are really into cooking but before we spend $8000 on something I want some reassurance.

So which 48" range would you buy and why.



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all kitchen appliances input wanted

posted by: sportsrx on 06.20.2010 at 10:25 am in Appliances Forum

Hi all,

have been lurking these pages the past 2 weeks & really appreaciate everyone's input.

I dont want this next statement to come out wrong so I hope this doesnt sound pompous or pretentious.

It seems that many people's final decisions are made due to 2 major factors :cost & space available. assuming some baseline level of functionality is met of course.

But I have read numerous posts " if cost wasnt an issue" or " if I had the space"....

we have saved & put off our kitchen remodel for YEARS. We are now going forward. we have a Huge space to work with currently speced with a massive Island in sort of an L shape( not exactly). we also have a fair amount of wall space. we are fortunate that we would like to do this project one time & do it right, therefore while costs are an issue it will not be a limiting factor.

we have a large family of 6 ( 4 young kids) & have extended family over almost every weekend & friends with similiar size families small kids etc....

Here is where we are currently at but open to change , still, i would like all thoughts on what you would choose if space & costs were not a consideration for you:

Range top: 48" wolf w 6 burners & griddle, considered theramadore too, didnt know much about Blue star till this forum

double wall ovens: Wolf L series w warming drawer below: didnt love the look on the gags although saw the reviews here, looked at GE , Miele, thermadore....most confused here

Fridge: 48" subzero
undercounter fridge & or wine cooler: undecided
undercounter microwave/convection ( probably overkill with the L series)- undecided

Ice maker 15" under counter: GE or KA
Dishwasher: KA or miele ( will have 2 dishwashers current KA is 4 yrs old so will keep & the size issue with Miele might not matter as well have 2 in our plans)

Are we missing anything? we are trying to plan the dream kitchen without just throwing money out the window & look forward to all responses



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