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How to fix my curtain panel screw up

posted by: silvercanadian on 11.10.2013 at 11:31 am in Home Decorating & Design Forum

I bought my girls curtain panels from Pottery Barn Kids. Their windows are 57 34" wide so while I was in a hurry ordering, 2x 44" panels for each window seemed good and I ordered. Now that I have them, I did some Googling to double check on recommended rod width, how close/on the floor they should sit, etc. and I am realizing that I probably needed 4 panels for each window, not 2. :(

Ordering up 4 more isn't as easy as it sounds. PBK coupons don't apply to Canada and they up the price far beyond the exchange rate and charge hefty shipping to Canada, in addition to duties and taxes (which duties and taxes I understand) so I unfortunately don't have the funds to buy them. The original plan was either a day/night cellular shade or the curtain panels. They ended up being similar priced so I went with the panels to jazz up their rooms. Obviously the pricing wasn't equal if I had ordered what I actually needed.

So, is there anyway I can make 2 panels work on each window?

Window details:
57.75" wide on inside of window frame
64" wide outside of trim
9' ceilings
44" x 96" each curtain panel
Panels have a blackout lining
Rod I have is 66"-120"
Using curtain clips to attach onto rod

I wanted the curtains on either side of the window when open so I didn't block any view. I do NOT need the trim to show on the side, I am fine with the panels framing the window on either side. My original plan was to extend the rod 10" (not including trim so 7" on either side past trim) on either side to accommodate this. Which has led to me realize I need more panels! As the width of the rod would be about 78".

Is there any way I can fix this while still being able to have the panels outside the window when open, but look reasonable and not like flat sheets when closed?

Additional panels may be able to be purchased at a later date, but not now. And I worry that PBK may not have them when I am able to get them.

If this is helpful, the panels I purchased are below.

Girl 1's room:
96" Gray Chevron panels

Girl 2's room:
96" Gray silk panels


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