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Question for Furniture Painters

posted by: tam184 on 11.06.2010 at 09:48 am in Home Decorating Forum

Hi. I bought an antique bed for my daughter and I'm painting it cream now. The problem is that we used a latex primer on it and so far I have one coat of paint. It looks good, except at certain areas, I think the stain is coming through and the paint is pinkish. I went online and found out that I should have used an oil-based primer to prevent this. Would another coat of paint be good enough? Or will I still get the stain coming through? Should I stop, sand, and start over? Or can I paint the oil-based primer over the latex paint? I've read that oil-based is okay on the wood, but not over latex paint since it will bubble. Is that true?
Thanks for your help!


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