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Mailing Costs for Bubble Envelopes (BE)

posted by: littleonefb on 08.19.2009 at 05:39 pm in Seed Exchange Forum

There have been some questions about postage costs for bubble envelopes for seeds and what is considered asking for more postage than is really required.

So I though it was a good idea to bring back this thread with the new postage prices.

I also wanted to add that when I do offer seeds for BEAP, (bubble envelope and postage), I do ask for a bit more than the actual cost to mail.


the reason I do that is to make it easy for everyone. I could ask for the exact postage needed and I do have a digital postal scale to weigh and get the exact cost,
But, most people don't have an assortment of postage stamps in various amounts to send the exact amount of postage.
Therefore when the postage is for up to 1 ounce I ask for 2 stamps, but when the postage is over 1 ounce and under 2 ounces, instead of asking for the exact postage amount of $1.05, I ask for 3 stamps which equals $1.32 postage.

This is just convenience for everyone, not meant to be an overcharge to anyone, and I don't believe that it should be seen and thought of as charging more than needed to send seeds.

On the other hand, charging more than just a bit more needed in postage stamps or suggesting that extra postage stamps is appreciated when sending for free seeds, is seen as selling seeds and not allowed on Gardenweb and is against the rules.


Bubble envelopes which are empty, or under 3/4" thick are classified as and to be charged as Large Envelopes and referred to as Flats) The contents (seed packs) should be taped in place, so the BE will be uniformly thick, and that the seeds don't shift, and then cause problems with the USPS equipment.


Up to 1 oz=$ .88
Up to 2 OZ=$1.05
Up to 3 OZ=$1.22
Up to 4 OZ=$1.39
Up to 5 OZ=$1.56

Other rates up to 13 OZ can be found at the link below. Anything over 13 OZ will then go as Priority mail (1 LB) and will be $4.80 unless one tells the clerks it is to go Parcel Post.

If there are numerous generous amounts of seeds sent, or if the seeds are bigger, the BE may be more than 3/4" thick, and then will go at Parcel Rate. It is not necessary to tape packets down if it is a bigger bulky envelope over 3/4" thick.

Up to 1 OZ=$1.22
Up to 2 OZ=$1.39
Up to 3 OZ=$1.56
Up to 4 OZ=$1.73
Up to 5 OZ=$1.90
Up to 6 OZ=$2.07

Other heavier (First Class) Parcel Rates can be found at the link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: First Class rates for Large Envelopes and Parcels


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