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Masonry block wall - prep for cabinets

posted by: shipshape on 03.04.2013 at 10:41 pm in Remodeling Forum

I'm doing a kitchen remodel, have one wall down to concrete block with 1x2 furring strips.

I want to put foam panels between the furring strips. I'd put 1/2 inch wallboard behind the base and wall cabinets, and hardi panels for the backsplash. Is it OK to use the hardi attached to furring strips without a layer of wallboard behind it?

I'm also wondering whether to use Tapcons, heavy toggle bolts or something else for hanging the wall cabs. I know it's hard to keep cabs shimmed in place and then drill through wood and masonry and get fasteners lined up.

Any suggestions on best/easiest way for fastening to masonry? Tips or tricks?

I read here about a dowel method. Would try it, but seems like I'd need pretty large holes in the block. And pray I'd locate them with the cabs up.


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