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Spooky Garden Ideas?

posted by: pumpkinvinecreek on 04.25.2005 at 11:37 pm in Moon Garden Forum

This isn't technically about moon gardens, but it's the closest forum I could find. I want to create a "spooky garden", with plants that have Halloween related names. My ideas so far are Bat Face (Cuphea) and a hosta named "Ghost". Any other creative ideas out there?


check suggestions in this post for addam's family garden
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RE: Dying for Moon Garden: need zone 5 suggestions! (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: heather2004 on 07.31.2004 at 11:05 pm in Moon Garden Forum

Fragrant plants for a moon garden must haves!!

white oriental lilies like casa blanca
nicotiana, syvestris, alata, heaven scent
white heliotrope
daphne, carol mackie
sweet autumn clematis
night blooming phlox
night blooming stock
hosta, plantaginea, guacamole, aphrodite, venus, fragrant bouquet, Diana Remembered, Fried Bananas
Night blooming jasmine (not hardy)
gardenia (not hardy)
sweet alyssm
azalea northern lights (white)
daffodils, mount hood, and double white variety
gladioulus, white (not fragrant)
bouncing bet (soap wart)
white clover
clematis, Henri (not fragrant)
rose, John F Kennedy (white hybrid tea rose)
snow drops (not fragrant)
hyacinths (large white)
yellowwood trees
privet (for enclosure)
lily of the valley
white lilac
white hardy hibiscus
white crocus (not fragrant)
white wisteria
white petunias
wall flowers (bienniel) yellow
White peony
day lily ice carnival
rose iceburg (standards) and climbing iceburg
white sweet pea
white birch trees
fringe tree
lambs ears (not fragrant)
magnolia (timeless beauty) over winter this in unheated sunny room or garage
mock orange, minnesota snowflake
white garden phlox, davidi
white pansy (not fragrant but look great in moonlight)
star magnolia
butterfly ginger (over winter tubers inside)
white lily of the nile (not fragrant)
white lupin
gas plant
clematis, duchess of edinburg (double white)
white stock, excelsior
white poppies
white datura
white brugsmansia
queen anne's lace (not fragrant but beautiful)
white double impatients (not fragrant)
white astilbe (not fragrant)
white dahlias (not fragrant, overwinter tubers inside)
white centurea
white hollyhocks (not fragrant)

this should get you going on plant ideas for your moongarden next year!


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RE: What Plants to Use For Moon Garden? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: AuntieCelene on 07.07.2003 at 06:05 pm in Moon Garden Forum

Well, I see no one else is jumping in on this for you, but you'll want to choose plants that are silver or white, and some folks include black and blue as well. Some include those with moon associations, like moonflower or willow, and many include night-blooming/fragrant plants as well.

Good choices:
Dusty Miller (annual)
White Cosmos (annual)
White roses
Night Blooming Phlox (annual)
Phlox paniculata, white varieties
Globe Thistle, Arctic Glow is white, but the blue is nice, too
Brugmansias and Daturas (will need overwintered inside)
Shasta Daisies
Centratherum rubra v. alba (white Jupiter's beard)
White Poppies (black peony-flowered ones look cool mixed in)
Bronze Fennel (lovely dark background for the flowers)
White Lilies
Scabiosa-blue or white
Buddleia-white or blue
Jasmine (will need to winter indoors)
Achillea ptarmica, sneezewort
Babies Breath
Nicotiana "Only the Lonely"
Echinacea "White Swan"
Campanula, white or blue
Dichondra "Silver Falls" (annual, this is the first year I've planted it)
White dianthus, or the white picotee annual variety, Velvet n Lace
Lychnis, white
I like the idea of hanging baskets in my moon garden, as well as bird feeders, so I use double shepherd's hooks for them. I like the drapey look of long vines in the hanging baskets, and petunias and other heavily flowering annual plants in the baskets.




moon garden
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RE: And the Final Descriptions (Follow-Up #117)

posted by: drippy on 12.12.2009 at 01:33 am in Round Robin Exchange Forum

Theme Garden Themes By Description

Addams Family – creepy, kooky, mysterious, spooky, altogether ooky – Shinyalloy_5
Anatomy Garden – peter peppers, clitoria ternatea, painted tongue, any body parts – Velsgarden
Annual Container Garden – in vibrant shades, annuals for containers – Fcoffill
Asian Edibles - Chinese Leek, Bunching Onion, Baby Corn, Pak Choy , Chinese Cabbage etc - Organic_selah
Astrology/Astronomy – plants with names of zodiac signs or planets – Drippy
Basil Garden – Jaynine
Bee Garden – plants to attract/provide nectar for bees – Poisondartfrog
Bee Heaven – Roper2008
Beyond Boggy: The Pittttt of Despair – plants that can live in standing water – Stage_rat, Strmywthr3
Big Leaves – Grandmachris
Blue & Purple Garden – especially deep blue & purple – Strmywthr3
Bog Garden – plants that like wet feet - Suecirish
Bone-Dry Botany – plants that like dry soil, more sun than shade – Stage_rat, Threeshyacres
Butterfly/Bee/Bird – attractive to, host plants – Suecirish, Hotwheel_tim, Sred98
Butterfly & Hummingbird – Shellfreak, Strmywthr3, Clay_lady
Caterpillar Garden – host plants for caterpillars – Micyrey
Celtic Heritage Garden – anything native to, or Celtic named, Ireland/Scotland/England/Wales, etc. - Suecirish
Children's Garden (Sunflowers, Peanuts, Carrots, Gourds) – Velsgarden, Organic_selah
Chicken Food – plants that are foods for chicken – Hotwheel_tim
Chocolate Garden – anything with chocolate in the name – Velsgarden, Clay_lady
Colorful Veggies – veggies not the usual colors, like purple beans, etc – Strmywthr3, Organic_selah, Cybermeowz
Cottage Garden – rosy, feminine, unplanned, pretty; whites & pastels – Threeshyacres, Sred98
The Couch Tomato – Roper2008
Crazy Daisy, Lazy Daisy – any daisy or daisy-like flowers – Booberry
Diversity Tropical Food – heirloom fruits, veggies, edible flowers that do not need winter chill to produce; the weirder the better – Grovespirit
Double the Fun – flowers that have a double bloom – Chitownladyd, Threeshyacres
Edible Flowers, Edible Landscape – Clay_lady, Sred98
Elseweyr; Where Snowbird Fairies Fly South For the Winter – dwarf varieties of flowering plants, no more than 14" pref, cannot require stratification (pre-chilling); may have dwarf, elf, fairy names or attractive properties – Grovespirit
Everlastings – plants for dried arrangements – Drippy
Fairy Garden – Velsgarden
Flying – anything named or related to flight – Drippy
Fragrant Night Garden – Sred98
French Garden – eggplant, tomato, pepper, endive, artichoke, radish, etc – Organic_selah
Frozen, But Not Frigid – plants with cold names like snow, cold, arctic, frost, ice – Poisondartfrog
Fruit Garden – Velsgarden, Sred98
The Forgotten Patch – plants that thrive on neglect – Sandysgardens, Threeshyacres
A Garden of Gourds – ornamental gourds, pumpkins & squash for fall decorating – Poisondartfrog
Gardenweb Member's Favorites – Lisam627_ohio_z6
Gemstones – plants with precious or semi-precious gem names – Drippy
Girls, girls, girls – plants with girls' names – Drippy
Gold-digger – gold foliage, variegated and gold, gold-edged, or chartreuse foliage – Stage_rat
Grand(ma) – plants with "grand" as part of common, species, cultivar, variety name – Sandysgardens
Great Muppet Caper – anything related to Muppets, including Sesame Street – Shinyalloy_5
Green, Green Grass of Home – ornamental grasses – Velsgarden
Hail Brittania – similar to Celtic, including plants reminiscent of English gardens - Drippy
Healing Garden – medicinal plants, including hot peppers – Jaynine
Heirloom Tomatoes – Clay_lady, Sred98
Herbs/Medicinal Herbs, Aromatic Herbs – Suecirish, Drippy, Velsgarden, Strmywthr3, Patti1957, Cybermeowz, Sred98
Herbin' Urban – herbs that do well in containers – Gee_oh_nyc
Hey, Shorty – short plants, but not ground covers - Pattygrow5
High Noon – plants for hot, dry, sunny sites like salvias, agastaches, scutellarias, penstemons – Browneyedsusan
Hooray for the Red, White & Blue – red, white, blue(ish) flowers that work together – Chitownladyd
Hummingbird Garden – red annuals – Micyrey
It Was a Dark and Sandy Site – plants for dry shade, with neat blooms/foliage – Stage_rat
Kings, Queens, and the Royal Court – names, castles, etc – Drippy
Kitchen Garden – smaller growing herbs or veggies found in cottage or potager gardens - Sred98
Law or Law Enforcement – plants named or related to these ideas – Sandlapper_Rose
Let's Get Wet – plants that live in very wet condition, more sun than shade – Sandysgardens
Lily of the Valley - daylily, oriental, asiatic – Velsgarden
Lucky – anything with Lucky in the name – Shellfreak
Medicine Wheel Garden - medicinal herbs flowers and small vegetable plants of the following colors:East:Yellow, South:Red, West:black, blue, purple, and North:White/silver – Organic_selah
Melons and Winter Squashes – especially heirlooms – Cybermeowz
Memorial/Family Garden – names Brian, Jill, Charlie, Rene, Mynah, Mina, Carmina, Lily (especially anything other than actual lily), and things to do the the Navy, "Matey", Greystone, or Titanic – Stage_rat
Memory Garden – violets, petunias, pansies, etc – anything you can remember your grandparents growing – Patti1957, Clay_lady
Metallurgy – metallic colored blooms, foliage, seeds – gold, silver, copper, pewter, etc. - Julie_mn
Miniatures – the smaller the better – Sandlapper_Rose
Missouri Wildflower Garden – Micyrey
Moon Garden – all whites – Drippy, Cybermeowz
Music – plants with musical names – Drippy
Native American – plants with tribal names, or historically used by, Native Americans – Drippy
N' Everything Nice – your favorites – Julie_mn
Night Owl – plants that bloom at night – Shinyalloy_5
No Snooping – fast growing (probably annuals) tall (not wide) deerproof plants – Stage_rat
No Sun/No Problem – shade plants hardy to zone 5 – Rbrady
Ocean – in the name, or that grow on/near beach – Drippy
Odd Tomato Garden – odd shapes, sizes, colors, etc. - Strmywthr3
On The Dark Side! - plants with maroon, burgundy foliage or maroon/black flowers – Sandysgardens
One Foot Tall and Bulletproof! - shorties that thrive in adverse conditions, e.g., too hot, too shady – except dianthus, thrift, liriope – Fcoffill
Orange flowers – Micyrey
Orientation – named or from the Orient, Asia, Himalayas, OR something related to a change in position – Julie_mn
P4 (Poisonless Perennial Perfumed Paradise) – scented non-toxic perennials; e.g., no daturas or brugs, and no annual scented herbs – Grovespirit
Paint the Town Red with Salad – heirloom red salad veggies; no beets – Grovespirit
Pansies, Petunias, and Poppies – Booberry, Threeshyacres
Pepper Rally – Roper2008
Peppers on Parade – sweet & hot – Cybermeowz
Plants That Stay Past Curfew – long bloomers into late summer/autumn – Threeshyacres
Pot Me Up – annuals, perennials, tropicals that do well in containers – Rbrady
Poultry Garden – plants that reference chickens, ducks, turkey, eggs, etc – Poisondartfrog
Praise Garden – plants with praise/joy words in the name – Drippy
Pretty Shady – plants that bloom in shade – Gee_oh_nyc
Purple and Yellow Butterfly Garden – Micyrey
Rainbow Flower Garden – any color that grows – Lisam627_ohio_z6
Rainbow Sherbert – bright colors for shade; pinks, orange, green – Shinyalloy_5
Rare and Unusual – rarer plants, or things that look different or weird - Pattygrow5, Clay_lady, Gee_oh_nyc
Reach for the Sky – flowering vines except for morning glories – Pattygrow5, Sred98
Really Red – red flowers – Cybermeowz
Rebecca's Garden – flowers with Rebecca, Becca, Becky in the name, except shasta "Becky" – Browneyedsusan
Red Memorial Bed – dark red/burgundy/maroon flowers or foliage – Rbrady
Red Perennial Bed – Velsgarden
Red and White Garden – red and white perennials – Micyrey
Red, Red, Red – Shellfreak
Reseeders – flowers that reseed – Shellfreak
Salsa Garden – any plants used in making salsa – Patti1957, Sred98
Scent's In The Air – nicely fragrant plants - Roper2008
Scents to Soothe the Soul – nicely fragrant plants - Patti1957
Scentsational – fragrant flowers/plants – Cybermeowz
See and Say – plant name is difficult to pronounce but lovely to you – Chitownladyd
Shady Ladies – plants for shade – Browneyedsusan
Short Stuff – short or trailing plants that stay under 12 inches – Rbrady
Shrinking Violet – wild violets, cyclamens, shorter pansies, or anything that would not overpower dainty beauties – Shinyalloy_5
Shimmering Silver – silver foliage – Cybermeowz
Silver Leaf – whole leaf is silver, or spots/variegations – Grandmachris
Sizzle & Spice – plants that will take a lot of sun & heat – Chitownladyd
So Crows the Raven: Evermore! - names or related to the genus corvus in family corvidae (crows, ravens, etc) – Julie_mn
So What's Weird, Anyway? - weird, odd, unusual edibles – Booberry
Spook Garden (Transylvania, Ghost, Boo) – Velsgarden
Stand Up and Salute America! - tall, stately red, white & blue plants – Sandysgardens
Sugar N' Spice – cute edible flowers, and spices of all kinds – Julie_mn
Sun and Moon – flowers that bloom early in the morning or late at night – Clay_lady, Sred98
Sun Doesn't Mean Yellow – any sunflowers that aren't plain yellow – Pattygrow5
Tea Garden – any plant used to make tea – Jaynine
Tea or Coffee – plants named or used to make tea or coffee – Sandlapper_Rose
Thanks for the Memories – plants with special meaning to you that might be in a memorial garden – Chitownladyd
Three Sisters: Beans, Squash, Corn – Booberry, Organic_selah
Topsy Turvy Tomato – tomatoes best for upside down gardening: patio and hanging basket varieties – Gee_oh_nyc
Totally Tomatoes – especially heirlooms - Cybermeowz
Touch of Gray – plants with gray or blue-gray foliage, full sun – Rbrady
Trinity of Spices: Basil, Oregano, Parsley – varieties of same – Booberry
Travel – plants named with travel destinations or related to travel – Sandlapper_Rose
Tropical Garden – anything tropical that can be grown from seed - Patti1957
Tropical-esque for Shade – over the top flowers & foliage such as brugs, cannas, elephant ears, hosta, etc – Fcoffill
True Blue and Sublime Lime – true blue flowers, lime green flowers/foliage - Cybermeowz
Variables – so ugly it's cute, too pretty to eat, one man's trash is another's treasure, so new or different it's rare, etc. - Julie_mn
Variegated Plants – Sandlapper_Rose, Pattygrow5
Vlad the Impaler – plants with spiky forms like digitalis, salvias, liatris, etc – Poisondartfrog
Water Garden Wonderland – plants that like wet/boggy conditions – Cybermeowz
Who's That? - plants that reference people's names, or have title like King, St., Mrs., etc – Sandysgardens
The Whole Bloomin' Year – annuals that have a long bloom time – Gee_oh_nyc
Wicked Weird – named or relating to magic, witchy, supernatural – Suecirish
Winter Interest – plants that look interesting into winter (structure or foliage), after blooms have gone - Threeshyacres


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RE: What are you sowing now for fall plant out? (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: aliska12000 on 05.21.2009 at 12:54 am in Winter Sowing Forum

Had the blues all winter and was into other things. So I'm getting a late start and just don't have time to post much in this forum but I lurk sometimes. I'm going to plant most of the seeds I've accumulated, but some of them have to be direct sowed in fall, early spring, or need some kind of special handling.

Have 17 gal milk jugs ready w/vent holes in top 'cuz it's getting warm, also some 1/2 gals if I run out: Siberian Wallflower (leftovers), Adenophora Bulleyana (failed last year), Agastache Cana, Bluebeard Delphinium, Canterbury Bells, Digitalis Floribunda, Digitalis parviflora (ugly brown), Digitalis Primrose Carousel, Snowflake Baby's Breath (may sow direct and cover with open 2 liter bottle), Verbena bonariensis (not my zone, don't know what I'll do with it if it germinates), Painted Daisy, Verbascum Snow Maiden, Verbena Pink Spires, Russian Sage, Blue Dreams Catmint, White Swan Echinacea, Burgundy Gaillardia, Crazy Daisy, dill, curled parsley, cilantro, basil, chives.

Some Lupin has to be direct sowed, and a couple others if I get to it. Morning Glories, may do sometime. Odds 'n ends I probably won't plant this year or ever, wildflower mixes, freebies, etc.

All the perennials I got out of last year WS that are back are some catmint, 2 Rudbeckia Prairie Sun, nice mound of Crazy Daisy, one white foxglove and one puny one. One smallish Foxglove Candy Mountain came back from self sowing, those were nice, should buy some more seeds.

These I bought says packed for 2007 and were kind of expensive, don't want to mess with them. Lemon Clematis (buchananiana), 20 seeds; Clematis Integrifolia (doesn't say what color) 20 seeds; European White Birch, Betula Pendula Northern (tried those and failed just a few left)in pkt, says they need cold treatment. First person who wants them I'll mail in the US (pls check if they are allowed in your state). I don't want anything in trade, have my hands full.

I also have two older pkts of those Monet poppies that have to be direct sowed, have no place for them so those are up for grabs, don't want to put up a trade list right now.

Finally I'm sowing collected marigold seeds now directly into planters but have way too many seeds, some from prior years, am using some I collected this spring right now. I'll try to find a photo. The prettiest photo they were too crowded with other stuff, this one is pretty much how they bloom every year. They start out not looking like much, then pick up and bloom true by July or so. If planted singly and are happy, they will form a huge mound. I crowd my stuff too much and Darwin's law takes over.

Also lobelia and a pretty Forget-Me-Not mix, kind of late to start the former.


spring sowing zone5
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RE: Doing homework for the veggie patch... (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: highalttransplant on 11.23.2009 at 04:33 pm in Winter Sowing Forum

Defrost, I am in zone 5 and wintersowed all of my tomatoes this year.

... and I had plenty of ripe tomatoes by August:

Salsa fixin's

Here is a summary of the schedule I followed this year. (Your results may very)

Beans - direct sown in June
Broccoli/Cauliflower - wintersown in February
Carrots - direct sown in April
Cucumbers - direct sown in May
Lettuces/Spinach/Chard - wintersown in January, 2nd batch sown in late June for fall harvest
Peas - wintersown in March
Peppers - the only thing I sow indoors (March)
Radishes - direct sown in April
Tomatoes - wintersown in March, planted out late May

Herbs, perennial or hardy annuals - wintersow whenever, usually February because I have the time.
Herbs, tender (such as basil) - wintersow in April

Hope this helps some!



veggie schedule
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How to Create Seed-Starting Pots From Newspapers

posted by: evonnestoryteller on 11.30.2008 at 10:01 am in Winter Sowing Forum

Nice idea. I know you can also buy kits to make the newspaper pots. However, she recommends removing the paper before planting. I would stick with peat pots for that reaason. I use them when I don't want to disturb the plants roots when planting.


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Instructions for posting clickable links

posted by: angelcub on 07.07.2008 at 12:01 pm in Cottage Garden Forum

Hi All! Here are instructions for posting clickable links to your photos, web pages, etc. Type it as below but leave out all the spaces except the one between the first "a" and href. Copy/paste your url (http) where it says url (don't type url) and type a name for your pic where it says "name".

< a h r e f = url > name < / a >

When you click "preview message" your clickable link should show up on the Message preview page. Test it out to see if it worked. If it did click "submit message" and you're done. Now you and others can just right click on the link to see your pics while still having the GW page open. This method of sharing pics also works well if you are sharing info or pics from various wed addies.



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