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RE: Problems with starting from seed, Luna Red hardy hibiscus (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: rdd1 on 11.18.2008 at 12:16 pm in Hibiscus Forum

Just Tips on starting hibiscus seeds.

Starting Hibiscus seeds.

1. Tear off a piece of Aluminum foil about 1'X 1'
2. Obtain a white paper towel.
3. Obtain a piece of 120-grit sandpaper.
4. Take one seed at a time and run across sandpaper
several times in same place and set aside. Do this for
as many seeds you want to start.
5. Lay aluminum foil flat on table.
6. Fold paper towel in half twice.
7. Wet paper towel generously.
8. Set towel in center of foil.
9. Place sanded seeds in center of wet paper towel.
10. Fold wet paper towel in from both sides covering seeds.
11. Fold foil from both long sides then ends to cover paper
towel completely to block out light.
12. Set the seeds on top of something like a Satellite
receiver for 2 or 3 days. Temperature stays Constant.
13. Germination should have taken place (I have 99%
germination rate by this method.)
14. Fill 3" peat moss cups with potting soil.
15. Generously moisten soil.
16. Plant 3 seeds per 3" peat moss cup spaced evenly apart.
There should be a new start (root) protruding from seed,
plant the new shoot (root) down and rest of seed under
" of soil.
17. I use plastic containers that 5 or 6 pound bulk
hamburger comes in. (Washed out of course)you should be
able to place 9- 3" wet cups in this plastic container.

18. Keep in dark warm area of house until they pop up.
19. Place in sunny area (south window)
20. Keep moist(can pour water into plastic container
which will water from bottom.


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Night blooming jasmin

posted by: rachaelf on 08.11.2004 at 10:44 pm in Moon Garden Forum

I live in zone 5 and bought a Night blooming jasmin this year. It has been wonderful, but what can I do with it this winter. I don't have any direct sunlight coming into my house, so I don't think she will last. Can I cut her down, or force her to go dormant this winter?


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