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RE: Resident Owls (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: sharbear50 on 01.15.2013 at 10:05 pm in Florida Gardening Forum

Just a follow up. Apparently the owls have taken a liking to my Christmas wreath so I have to leave it on my front door. Sometimes there is one on there and sometimes both owls are on it. We go to the store, come home and they are on the wreath again. So cute!


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Anything you wanna talk about?

posted by: tapla on 01.21.2012 at 12:18 pm in Container Gardening Forum

Is winter, is slow, is bored outside ........ so if there is anything you feel like talking about, this is as good a place as any.

Break the ice by trying to think of a better title, or even a caption, for this photo. I think I might title it 'Forlorn'.

I think I made a wrong turn on the way to my cousin's pad.



Good sources for gritty mix ingredients
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Concrete Sphere

posted by: plantman56 on 11.26.2009 at 11:29 pm in Hypertufa Forum

Some pictures of a concrete ( portland and sand) sphere I made this summer. I used a cheap exercise ball I got from Walmart.



This is very cool! Must try.
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how do you set up a water barrel

posted by: smittee on 11.24.2009 at 08:34 am in Florida Gardening Forum

Someone in the HOW DO YOU WATER post,by: jwahlton, Mentioned they didnt know how to set up a water barrel..I noticed it in several other post on that subject, the writer told of having several water barrels.

So is there anyone out there who is willing to take a moment and tell us in simple complete terms, how to set one up and maybe you might even suggest to this 'old women from way up in the Pacific NW' where I might find one or two, here in Beautiful WARM Florida. I live in Auburndale which is near Winterhaven and Lakeland.

One more thing, Can yall tell me what a 'box store' is? Or what they mean when they say "SEE IF THE BIG BOX HAS THEM IN"? I have seen that mentioned lately when they are talking about buying seed potatoes or onions sets.
Thanks so much



Setting up a water barrel
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Around the Yard -- photos

posted by: happy_fl_gardener on 10.07.2009 at 10:12 pm in Florida Gardening Forum

I got inspired to take some flower shots to post on the flower thread and got carried away. Since Cora asked questions about roselle I'll show those first. I took 3 pics, one of the flower and caylix, a bush, and the flower bed in which the 8 roselle plants are located.

roselle caylix

roselle plant

roselle flower bed

This is a shady area of my yard that faces my house:


This is a small segment of the driveway loop that is near the front of the house. They are a wide leafed variety of cordyline:


I found one moringa tree in bloom about 10 feet up in the air:


The pummelo fruits started to color up with the little cold snap that we had last week. The branches are so load with fruit I found this to be the easiest way to support the branches. This is the first crop that this tree has had since I cut it back to graft it. Nothing on this tree is original. There are grapefruits on the other side of the tree.


Here is an updated pic of the unknown dwarf papaya that I planted in the spring. This is all the fruits I am going to let it have. There is a good chance that only half of these fruits will ripen before a killing freeze comes. I really need to learn how to eat green papaya. I didn't get around to take any pics of the Red Ladys. They are loaded with fruit too only taller.

unknown dwarf papaya

In this pic you can see the ornamental yucca that Michael gave me last fall. It froze to the ground but came back larger than I had expected. The reddish coleus was a gift from Marcia. Marcia, it has turned out to be an outstanding variety. I have made many cuttings off of it.

ornamental yuca

This chaya is in the same flower bed as the yucca. This plant froze to the ground also. It is now at least 7 feet high. It is a great butterfly plant. I haven't tried to eat the leaves.


This great butterfly/hummer attractor froze to the ground last winter. I was worried that I lost it. Russelia:


Well, I guess I better stop. This is enough for today. Hope you enjoyed the pics.



Awesome landscape and Roselle Tea Recipe
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