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4" outlet duct for a hood fan.

posted by: sergitin39 on 12.03.2013 at 01:46 am in Appliances Forum

We live in a condo: second floor of a three floor building.
The vent stack is a 4" duct, we want the max possible for this diameter, I found it to be around 400 cfm.

The big problem came when the inter-web has not a single place where to look hood fans (wall hood fan) by the outlet diameter. I have been here for nights reading and looking, with very poor results.

I would like to hear opinions on those who have use these kind of fans. Propose some names and models, I will do the research to find which one suits me the best.

The picture here is like: 30" induction cooktop, aprox
25K BTU with all 4 magnets running (none boosting).
Hence I am looking for a 30 inches or even better 36 inches wall hood fan around 400 cfm. With a 4" outlet pipe.
(I do not want to go from 6 to 4 inches), , there will be 2 x 45 degrees elbows smooth duct or some flex pipe transitioning from outside to inside the wall before hitting the stack vertically for about 25 feet to the roof, where there is a roof cap, I think, but will have to investigate further to see whats the solution up there, if there is a flapper or damper, etc.


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