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Posting a Link

posted by: buehl on 01.03.2011 at 04:37 am in Kitchens Forum

There are two ways to post a link:

To insert a link using the provided boxes below the "Message" box:

  1. Insert the link in the "Optional Link URL:" box

  2. Type in the description or name of the item being linked in the "Name of the Link:" box

  3. If this is a new Post, you won't see these two boxes until you "preview" your message. So, compose your message and "preview" it. You will now see the link boxes and can now enter your link information.

To insert a link inside the "Message" box,

  1. Copy the following into the "Message" box where you want it:
    <a href= http://www.XXX/>Description</a>
  2. Next, replace the http://www.XXX/ with your link

  3. Now, replace the Description with the description (words) you want displayed with your link.

With either method, you will see your link when you next "preview" your message

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