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Bermuda Grass as a pest

posted by: selvan777 on 11.05.2012 at 08:45 am in Lawn Care Forum

Is it possible to have a lawn with one grass, Tall Fescue, while having Bermuda as a neighbor?

Fortunately, the rhizomes are NOT penetrating the hardpan 4" deep.

1. I'm installing a life long lasting 1/8" thick, 8" deep, 8' long, polyethylene sheets (6 pieces) that will have 3' overlaps (5 total) where the ends will also be wrapped with several layers of 6mil polyethylene sheet that come on a roll.

2. I've dug out 2" of soil from the entire yard, it's fit for the trash.

3. I'm going to Roundup all viewable foliage cum Spring.

4. I'm going to Solarize the proper way when it's hot.

5. I'm going to lay a minimum 2" layer of Mushroom mulch at the correct time in Fall before sowing the grass seeds.

I do still need to figure out who has the most absolute premium 100% Tall Fescue Grass Seed, any idea? And what do you think of the attack plan above?


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