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RE: Starting organic lawn care (Follow-Up #7)

posted by: TNJDM on 01.29.2014 at 08:15 am in Organic Lawn Care Forum


I did a lot of grains through my earthway broadcast spreader last year. Anything powdery didn't really work well. Here was my observations:

>Soybean Meal - Worked great
>Rabbit Food - Worked great
>Pure Alfalfa Pellets - Okay, but had to shake the unit once in a while as they are much larger than Rabbit Food
>Cracked Corn - Worked great
>Nature safe Feather Meal Pellets - Worked fine, a little shaking.

I did about 500lbs of Rabbit food/Alfalfa pellets, 400 lbs of Cracked Corn, 200 Lbs of Soybean Meal, 150lbs of Nature Safe on about 11K sq. ft., so I didn't really need to utilize my tow spreader. Also did 720lbs of Milorganite, but can't list that as a grain :).

The meals, like corn and cottonseed, tried once. Never again!


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