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RE: Do you have a Leather or Microfiber Sofa ??? (Follow-Up #21)

posted by: cheryleb on 05.28.2013 at 07:48 am in Furniture Forum

I have both. I bought a sofa and loveseat from Natuzzi about 10 years ago and two microfiber sofas. The leather has become checked and worn over time and even though I love the shape and style, it is starting to look shabby. This was the higher end line so it shouldn't have been a lower quality issue. The microfiber sofas are in the FR where my son entertained friends. They are about the same age and although not used nearly as much, they could almost pass for new. They were not the upgraded fabric but the basic one that was on the floor at the store.

My parents bought similar microfiber sofa/loveseat and paid significantly more for an upgraded fabric and their doesn't look anywhere near as good as mine. Interesting.


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RE: Do you have a Leather or Microfiber Sofa ??? (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: mcgillicuddy on 04.17.2007 at 02:39 pm in Furniture Forum

We have a leather couch and a microfiber daybed, which are regularly inhabited by a naughty and rambunctious dog and two kitties.

The leather holds up better against dirt, stains, hair, and cat scratches, while the microfiber holds up better against dog scratches.

Given the variation in quality and durability between different types of leathers and microfibers, the only way to really be sure is to get test swatches of the exact fabrics you're considering and test them in various "real-life" situations. Otherwise, there's no way to predict how the fabric or materials will fare.


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