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RE: Willow Decor's Kitchen Posted!! (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: willowdecor on 01.21.2009 at 09:12 pm in Kitchens Forum

Here are the details:
The wall color is Fieldstone (I think its BM #1558)Cabinet, ceiling and trim color is BM White Dove.
Bin pulls are RH, Ice box latches are Cliffside, knobs were here when I moved in.
The Clemson pendants are great - and if you search here someone will surely give you a RH coupon code.
Subway tiles are Bianca from Horus Art, Backsplash box out is Ann Sacks Herringbone Calcutta-white sanded grout.
Soapstone is Santa Rita Venata from M. Tex. in NJ
Beadboard is real wood tongue and groove, not pressed.
Sink is Houzer, Faucets are KWC.
Stove is Wolf, DW is Miele, Fridge is SubZero.
Wood is white oak with special dark walnut stain.
I think that covers it all! Hope that helps! :)


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Willow Decor's Kitchen Posted!!

posted by: willowdecor on 01.21.2009 at 07:36 pm in Kitchens Forum

Well here it is - I hope you like it!

Thanks to everyone for all their help and inspiration! It would never have turned out as well with out you!


Here is a link that might be useful: Willow Decor's Kitchen


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RE: Hutch cabinets to counter or not (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: erikanh on 12.14.2008 at 09:39 pm in Kitchens Forum

My "hutch" area for storing dishes will also be at the end of a run of cabinets and will look something like this without the beadboard back:


Instead of closed sides it will have corbels like these:

I needed a place for the coffee maker and toaster to live so I needed counter space here. In addition to dish/glass and cutlery storage, it will also be a lunch prep station so the drawers beneath will also contain tupperware, baggies, lunchboxes, etc.


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RE: Marble poultice (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: jrdip on 05.01.2008 at 12:31 pm in Kitchens Forum

i used whiten available at paint stores and mixed with hydrogen peroxide until consistency of pancake batter. put on stain i sealed area with plastic wrap and allowed to dry. pulled the stain right out. took about 6-7 hours you can keep applying if you need to. good luck


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RE: Marble poultice (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: mnhockeymom on 05.01.2008 at 07:14 am in Kitchens Forum

I cut and pasted some info into a Word doc that I saw on this forum - I can't give specific credit to anyone but here it is:

"Here's a poultice formula for coffee:
Make a solution of 20-30% peroxide (available at beauty supple places...wear gloves Mine is called Salon Care 30Extra Lift Volume Creme. Bought it at Sally's Beauty Supply Store.) and a few drops of ammonia. Then mix in some sort of WHITE "material;" e.g., paper towel, napkin, tissue. Make only enough to cover the stain. It should be paste-like (consistency of peanut butter).
Wet the stained area with distilled water. Pre-wetting fills the pores of the stone with water isolating the stain and accelerating the removal by the chemical.
Apply the poultice to the stain being careful not to spill any on the non stained areas. Apply approximately 1/4-inch thick over-lapping the stain area by about one inch.
Cover the poultice with plastic (food wrap works great). Tape the plastic down to seal the edges. It also helps to poke several small holes in the plastic so that the powder will dry out. Failure to do this may result in the poultice staying wet.
Allow the poultice to dry thoroughly. This is a very important step. The drying of the poultice is what pulls the stain from the stone into the poultice material. If the poultice is not allowed to dry, the stain may not be removed.
Drying usually takes from 24 to 48 hours.
Remove the poultice from the stain. Rinse with distilled water and buff dry with a soft cloth. If the stain is not removed, apply the poultice again. It may take up to five applications for difficult stains.

Here's some additional tips!
For the "white stuff" you are going to use for your poultice powder base ... get some diatomaceous earth ("DE"). You can get this really CHEAP at a pool supply store or free if you know someone with a pool that uses it. It is used in some pool filtering equipment. I went to the pool supply store and they gave me some since all I wanted was a small amount.
Good info on stain removal:
Iron (rust) - Poultice with Oxalic Acid + Powder + Water. May also try a product called Iron-Out (available at hardware stores). Both mixtures may etch polished marble, so re-polishing will be necessary.
Ink - Poultice with Mineral Spirits or Methylene Chloride +Powder.
Oil - Poultice with Ammonia+ Powder Methylene Chloride can also be used on tough oil stains.
Coffee, Tea & Food - Poultice with 20 percent Hydrogen Peroxide + Powder.
Copper - Poultice with Ammonium Chloride + Powder
Paint (water-based) - poultice with a commercial paint remover + Powder
Paint (oil) - Poultice with Mineral Spirits + Powder. Deep stains may require Methylene Chloride.

Hope that helps!! Good Luck!!


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