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RE: size of prep sink (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: judeny on 12.27.2011 at 09:20 pm in Kitchens Forum

My island counter is 29"x70". I have the Blanco rondo (15" diameter bowl size) undermounted in an 18" wide cabinet with the inside edges of the cabinet eased down to the depth of the flange. Fits perfectly. There's 45" of counter on one side of the sink and 10" on the other. There's a garbage disposal in there (which I don't care about and rarely use) and a Tapmaster that I wouldn't be without. What helps is the cabinet is 27.5" deep (including doors) and the back of the cabinet appears to be finished with a door but is actually operating which makes it very easy to access the plumbing.

The sink size is exactly right for the island size. The round shape keeps it functional while minimizing the total size. The big colander fits fine - used it on Christmas for the lasagna. I don't see any reason to put a stock pot in the sink; I put it on the counter and fill it with the high arc pullout.

I wash small items there and the big things in the cleanup sink.

I've had my kitchen for over 5 years and not disappointed with my island. Go for it.


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