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Backsplash...what do you think???

posted by: plk75 on 03.02.2012 at 05:35 pm in Kitchens Forum

I posted before to get ideas for a backsplash, so now I am trying to go off of some of them to find a backsplash that is 7 years overdue. I do not want to play off of anymore peachy colors in my kitchen, I have enough of that! So please tell me your honest opinions on this tile.


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Finished Kitchens blog for archiving your beautiful kitchens!

posted by: starpooh on 07.05.2005 at 02:23 am in Kitchens Forum

Many members have asked for links to member's finished kitchens that had been posted in the gallery but have since rolled off. I myself was also frustrated by trying to locate someone's photos and finding that I had forgotten to bookmark them!

So, a few weeks ago, I created a blog to archive the finished kitchen posts. In most cases, these posts are simply verbatim copies of the forum posts. Most contain a description of the kitchen along with a link to the photos. They are listed alphabetically by member for easy retrieval.
Finished Kitchens Blog

The blog currently has a major formatting issue: you need scroll down the page (below the links section) in order to access the contents of the posting. I'm working on a fix and will hopefully have this resolved soon.

Both MJsmama and HollySprings raised an interesting question: can the posts be categorized based on style, cabinet color, countertop, budget of kitchen, etc.? This would be alot more work, but could be doable if I can get some help setting up the categories (what specific categories should be used, and to what granularity (i.e., granite countertops - or - Golden Juparana granite countertops?). I would also need help categorizing each member's kitchen. Is anybody interested in helping?

If your finished kitchen isn't in the blog, please post it to the gallery and I will add it to the blog.
Please include a description of your choices (cabinets, appliances, countertops, faucets, lighting, etc.) We all want to know where to find the fabulous things you selected!
(For some members I have listed only links, no description. Please either post your description or you can email it to me; I'll add it to the blog.)

Have fun viewing all the beautiful kitchens... and don't stay up too late!!!

Finished Kitchens Blog


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