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Finished White Kitchen (Something's Gotta' Give-inspired)

posted by: susanandmarkw on 06.02.2007 at 01:30 pm in Kitchens Forum

After an eight (!) month delaydouble the time it was supposed to takewe are finally in our new, custom-built home. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be our dream home, has turned into more of a nightmare. The house appraised for $195,000 less than it cost us to build, and that was with a generous, sympathetic appraiser on our side. Were currently deciding whether to take legal action against our builder (not something we consider lightly, as neither my husband nor I have ever even been involved in any legal action beyond a traffic ticket) for the sub-par work, and a myriad of other things that were undone, or simply done wrong, on our home. (Everyone we talk to says we have a case, but that the reality of civil action is that it can take years, cost a fortune and result in a big fat zero, even when you win, which is the only thing holding us back. We dont want to throw good money after bad.)

Unfortunately, the woodwork (cabinets, etc.), which we paid more than $50,000 for (labor only; another $30,000 in materials), is one of the worst things in the house. (The other is the paint job which, though we paid at least the going rate, probably a bit more, is absolutely deplorable. A fifth grader with a paint-by-numbers watercolor kit could have done a better job. To top it off, the painter and/or the trim carpenters vandalized our house and stole from us at the end of the project.) We have un-sanded, inferior wood (cheap pine, plywood as finish material and mahogany balsa); doors that are already warped and/or wont open and close, drawers that dont slide, broken hinges, crooked openings, un-level shelvesjust a shockingly terrible job all around. And, though I picked my appliances before the foundation was even poured and we had totally custom, site-built cabinets, not a single appliance fits correctly, other than the slide-in range. (Until the drawers and doors went inthe last two months of the projectall these things were not readily apparent.) Weve had quotes of $30,000-$50,000 to repair the cabinets and another $15,000-$20,000 to repaint. All just to get those things to what they should have been to begin with (weve already put more than $100,000 into paint and trim work alone.) Every tradesperson that comes into our home is appalled by what we received for the money we paid.

Ive been debating for a while about whether to post anything at all, because of all these problems, but finally thought Id go ahead and do so since I spent so much time on these forums researching and courting advice from others. Plus, the baby fell asleepshocking surpriseso I actually had almost a half hour free, which is virtually unprecedented in my new role as mommy. Right now, our kitchen looks pretty good on first glance, but when you start to really look closer and use things, you see all the problems, and there are many.

Of course, there are good things too and its still a BIG step up from my last kitchen. (My inspiration, as Ive talked about here at length, was/is the "Somethings Gotta Give" kitchen.)

I love, love, LOVE my giant pantry. At 12.4 x 6.2, its bigger than some rooms, and a true indulgence; roomy enough for dozens of trips to Sams Club and appliances too. (I like clear, uncluttered kitchen counters.)

The under-cabinet pot rack, which I had to fight for because no one wants to do anything "different," is working out well and I no longer have dusty pots and pans. (Though, because of its placement, I cant get to it when the left dishwasher is open.)

Im different than many here, in that I didnt do, and didnt want, a lot of fancy pull-outs, pot drawers, etc. I really dont mind standard shelves, as bending down and sliding have never seemed terribly troublesome to me, maybe because Im ultra-neat and organized and keep things in tidy rows with lids on, etc. (I know thats easier when your cabinets arent overstuffed and Im lucky enough to have a wealth of cabinet space.)

The only really "unique" things I did, besides full extension glides and floor-to-ceiling cabinets, was the under-cab pot rack, an open storage area for my cutting board right above the knife drawer (in-drawer block) and an extra-large, extra-deep drawer to keep all my canisters in, something I also had in my last kitchen. It works out great and keeps the counters clear; Ive got flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, wheat flour, Splenda, cocoa and more all in one placeI use airtight canning canisters with the attached lidwhere its easy to access and use, straight from the drawer.

What I wouldnt do again? Im not sure how much Ill actually use the steam oven and Im glad I didnt pay full price for it. (I settled for non-matching finish and wrong-way door open, but paid about 70% of list.) The same with the Tap Master. It works, but Im not totally crazy about it, and I could definitely live without it. The only dud is my Jade fridgeironically the single most expensive appliance. I purchased from EuroStoves and, despite efforts on their part, it still doesnt work right (ice maker non-functioning and freezer icing up upon arrival). I really, REALLY wish Id chose something different and am sick that I paid $6,300 for an appliance that hasnt worked properly from day one and that EuroStoves/Jade has, so far, refused to replace.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For those that care, heres whats in my kitchen (appliance mini-review to follow)

Flooring: Premium Black 24x24 tile from
Countertops: Nordic Black Antique 3 cm granite (3 cm Bianca Romanosp?on hutch)
Backsplash: traditional white subway tile with gray grout (Da-Lite)
Cabinets: Shaker-style, inset, flat-panel doors (site-built, custom), painted white
-Pegasus Professional Kitchen Faucet (from Expo Design Center) in brushed nickel on the island and main sink
-Pegasus Old-Fashioned Pull Down in brushed nickel in my butlers pantry/beverage center.
Soap/Lotion Dispensers: brushed nickel off-brand from Lowes
Sinks: brushed, stainless "D"-shaped undermount by C-Tech-I (all purchased on eBay from seller "euro-sink")
-10-inch deep "Britania" (model LI-200-L) is my main sink
-12-inch deep "Patras" (LI-800) is my island prep sink
-"Betica" (LI-700) in my butlers pantry/beverage center.
-brushed nickel bin pulls on drawers via eBay (seller: cabinethardwaredesigns)
-glass knobs, pulls and bin pulls on hutch from
-latches: Cliffside Solid Brass Cabinet Latch (in Satin Silver) from
-Bluestar range (model #RNB366BSS; six burner with both 22k burners up front and simmer in middle back; island trim)
-Prestige High Capacity hood insert 40" (UIBTF400EC15; $1,575) with Prestige remote blower for pitched roof 1,600 CFM ($890)
-GE Profile Advantium (SCB1001KSS)
-GE Monogram 24" stainless steel wine reserve (ZDWR240PBS)
-2 InSinkErator Evolution Excel garbage disposals with air switches (STS000)
-beverage center fridge: Jenn-Air 36" counter-depth side-by-side with dispenser (JCD2295KES)
- GE Monogram 30" double oven (ZET2SLSS)
- Jade 48" Side by Side Refrigerator (RJRS4870A)
- 2 Bosch Integra 800 dishwashers (SHV99A13UC; $1375.55 ea.)
- Gaggenau 24" Steam Oven (ED 221)

Here is a link that might be useful: Susan's Kitchen Pics


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RE: It's official - I'm a STONER! (Follow-Up #27)

posted by: angelcub on 01.19.2007 at 01:27 pm in Kitchens Forum

Sharon, thanks for the defrost tips. I think I'm going to like that quick defrost time since I usually forget to take things out in a timely manner.

kitchendetective, thank you for the info on the marble. Your baking countertop sounds gorgeous - would love to see pics. I'm heading off to a friend's tile store in just a bit to see if he carries it. The link below is to a pic of our inspiration kitchen. I think they may have used the tile beadboard and not the wood as we are doing. The piece at the bottom that looks like baseboard is what I need.

Sarah, I so remember those short-order days. And it's good to know your stone is working out so well. Thanks for helping others make their soapstone decisions. We could really use a soapstone FAQ. Maybe I'll find some time after the kitchen is finished.

Thanks again for all the wonderful compliments! I am really excited to get the rest of the kitchen finished and into full use.


Here is a link that might be useful: inspiration pic beadboard


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RE: walk-in pantry (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: sharb on 12.30.2006 at 02:47 pm in Kitchens Forum

dpoulsen, Here is a photo of my pantry.

Image hosted by

My pantry measures 4 feet wide by 5 feet deep.
Starting at the top:

18" top shelf to ceiling(Things I don't need often or are lightweight.)
15" to next shelf (cereal boxes, etc.)
10" to next (canned goods, etc.)
10" to next (canned goods, etc.)
16" to next (small appliances)
20" from bottom shelf to floor (extra waters, heavy items)

I made the depth of the back shelf and the right side 12". The left side is 6" and holds my husbands hot sauces and other small items.

My pantry holds the satellite box for the kitchen so that I didn't have to have it in a cabinet.

Good luck..


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