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RE: posting photos for dummy (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: caroleoh on 06.18.2007 at 08:57 pm in Kitchens Forum

You need to upload your photos to a hosting site like shutterfly or yahoo etc.

Once you have the photo uploaded, you need to copy the URL address where it's stored. On shutterfly, you do this by clicking on the photo to view it, then right click on the photo and then click on properties. That's your URL address. Copy that whole line.

Then go to gardenweb and post your message. To display the photo, you need to enclose the entire line in double quotes. It's hard for me to type it verbatim how it needs to look since it will try and post a photo! So, where you see the( or ) substitute double quotes. Basically, it's type a double quote, then the word img src= paste in your URL address and end with another double quote. Only 1 space in the whole thing - between img and src.
(img src=


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