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sunflower house

posted by: samhain10 on 01.22.2013 at 01:59 pm in Garden Experiments Forum

Hi! Still snowy and freezing here in MI, but I'm working on plans for a sunflower house this season - anyone out there have first hand experience with this so as to give me pointers for success? I'll plant in a circle 10-12 ft in diameter with a 2-3 ft doorway, with Kong Sunflowers in the inner part of the perimeter and shorter varieties in front of those. I'm also thinking of planting a mini-garden of flowers in front of the "house" in the manner of a cottage garden. The whole area is in an already established garden space which is part of my veggie garden. Just thought I'd have some fun this year! :)


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What is this?

posted by: samhain10 on 09.20.2014 at 09:58 pm in Name That Plant Forum

I'd been holding off posting this, waiting for it to bloom, but now it's getting close to frost time, and it may be gone before it ever blooms.
It got started indoors back in March with some of my other flower seeds, some of which were saved seed - nicotiana, lobelia, rudbeckia, petunia, verbena bonariensis, etc. - but it's obviously none of those. I went ahead and planted it out because it had an interesting leaf, and I was curious. Anyone have a clue? Right now it's growing next to some cosmos and sacred basil, and it's close to 4 ft tall.
unknown plant - budding photo unknownplant_zps305d5d32.jpg

unknown plant - foliage photo unknownplant2_zps1721922b.jpg


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Flowers that appear to sparkle

posted by: melphleg on 09.12.2014 at 05:11 am in Name That Plant Forum

What flowers have a natural sparkle appearance?

It seems to me that the impatiens have that quality sometimes.

Any others?
I've been searching online for such pics, but only come up with added sparkle in the pics, & jeweled flower shapes & such. No naturally sparkely flowers.


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Zinnias -- How to Pinch?

posted by: ticksmom419 on 05.17.2005 at 03:58 pm in Annuals Forum

Afternoon! I'm growing zinnias from seed for the first time and seeing that their leaves are pretty huge compared with the width of the stem. I want to pinch, but am not sure how far down to go. Mine have about 4 sets of leaves now. Should I pinch it back to about 2 sets?




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1963 pool resurrection

posted by: dumbcluck on 09.05.2013 at 04:32 pm in Pools & Spas Forum

Hey everybody, has anyone here ever had any experience in bringing a filled in pool back to life?
We have a pool in our backyard that was filled in with dirt and trees by previous owner and we are considering making it swim able again?
Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.


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purple and yellow foliage plants

posted by: david883 on 06.16.2014 at 09:39 pm in Perennials Forum

So last year I posted about creating a yellow and purple bed. Well... I'm still struggling. I didn't get very far with it last year and unfortunately haven't had a chance to work on it at all this year except a few small starter balloon flowers, echinops, a clematis franziska maria (now where the stella d'oro is on the far right). I need to kind of let everything fill out so I can realize I hate what I've done and move it all around again. I need to stick in some creeping ground covers eventually but right now my struggle is with foliage colors. I've got a purple sage, purple huechera obsidian and some heliopsis with variegated leaves but I think I need something with a little more foliage WOW factor.
It pretty much gets full sun with some dabbled shade here and there through out the day but its pretty minimal. Any other suggestions for this area are, of course, very welcome. Just be gentle - its a mess :)


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Appetizers for a chili party

posted by: lakeguy35 on 10.03.2010 at 07:09 pm in Cooking Forum

Offered to bring something for a friends BD party next weekend and they suggested appys. The main meal will be chili. Three different kinds with a variety of toppers. We will be partying in the back yard around a fire pit. Fridge, oven, and stove top access is not a challenge. I'm clueless tonight......ideas/recipes.



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Call me crazy

posted by: asleep_in_the_garden on 09.28.2013 at 02:31 pm in House Plants Forum

...But I'm trying to root some rather large cuttings here.

Please feel free to advise,offer your own experiences,etc regarding the rooting of(perhaps impossibly) over-sized cuttings.


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