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RE: Philips Magnavox TV problem (Follow-Up #133)

posted by: isson on 03.02.2006 at 01:12 am in Electronics Forum

Sorry to add to the pile but I have a fairly new Magnavox model 20MS3442/17 that suddenly was turning on by itself and then when playing xbox through it, found it changing to CATV or something every few seconds so I kept changing it back then it stopped after a while but then the next day the TV just says CATV (I THINK?) and mono and will not change modes and when I try to with the remote it goes black though is still on. I forget when but it was programming itself counting up through the channels though I don't have this hooked up to anything like cable, just use it with the xbox. So letting it finish that does not help either.

I can hold both volume buttons and press the TV/AV button and it turns blue, but when I let go of the volume buttons it goes black again. Also I can hold the TV/AV button so that it works with the xbox, so now I have a guitar leaning against the button to make it work but still can anyone help me actually fix it? Thanks.


Hi I am having the same problem with 20 inch Magnavox flat screen TV. The TV is only 2 years old. Till yesterday I didn't have any problem with this TV. All of a sudden it started behaving this way. The TV is automatically going through the channel when the power chord is plugged in. If I hold the TV/AV button then it plays the VHS. If I press and hold the menu button to my cable channel number then the cable works. the volume button works. But the power, channel buttons and remote control doesn't work. basically now I can't use the TV.

Please help.

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