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RE: Anyone from East Tx (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: alameda on 03.21.2009 at 12:01 pm in Roses Forum

Brenham! The ARE is in your backyard! How lucky! Yes, Chamblees has a sale bin to the right of the office. Lots of bargains there......I have gotten many good roses there!! $5 and $2.....[you need to make a return trip!] To get to Hand Nursery and Blue get on the Loop and go to Hwy. 64 [this is also the road to Canton, the once a month flea market fest!!] - coming from Chamblees, you will turn right. I cant remember how many miles - 6-8 - but Hand Nursery will be on the right [it is sort of down a little hill, elevation wise, and you can see 3 big greenhouses]. David Austin Roses office is on the left right before you get to Hand's. [order first, then pick up there, no display gardens, no walk ins]. Then right up from Hand Nursery, you will see a sign that says "Edom" on the right. Turn left there [only one road, so easy to see]. Go about 6 miles and Blue Moon Gardens is on the left. Fabulous display gardens and every unusual plant you can imagine and a fabulous gift shop in a cute cute redone farmhouse. Then.......go on in to the little town of Edom - cute place to eat, Potters Brown with beautiful handmade pottery and other cute things......THEN there is the Tyler Municipal Rose Garden - a sight to behold when the roses are in full bloom. The icing on the cake is Mercados Mexican Resturant, on the Loop. Divine! From really need to spend the night!! I am probably going to make a trip next week. It has, after all, been a month since I was there! Gotta have my Tyler fix......But wait theres more. SFA University in Nacogdoches has THE most wonderful plant sale April 18 - so many unusual things you cant get anywhere else. Bring your wagons, they cut the tape at 9am and it is hilarious, people running everywhere with every kind of wagon imaginable - like the Oklahoma Land Rush with the little band playing Foggy Mountain Breakdown......what a hoot, I would not miss it! Then....Kings Nursery in Teneha, Cooks Nursery in Nac.....the Arbor Gate near Conroe is having Rose Day March 28, the Houston Rose Society rose show is April 18, their garden tour is April 19......with you living that close, you really should join - $12/year for gazette and you get 10% off at several nurseries including Teas, and for Rose Week in February at Southwest Fertilizer [where I get my Mills Magic Rose Mix] it is 15% off. Lots of fun to be had! Oh, almost forgot Jordan's Plant Farm and the cute wholesale nurseries in New Summerfield.....another fun trip! And Jack Carpenter's Daylily Farm in Center, 30 minutes from Nacogdoches. Not to be missed in May and early June - 5 acres of blooming daylilies!


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