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Subzero vs. Monogram

posted by: dipsy on 01.07.2008 at 12:08 pm in Appliances Forum

I have budgeted for a 48 inch SZ fridge. But a family member just offered me the GE Friends and Family discount and I'm wondering if I should consider a Mongram Fridge or stick to my original plan? Without the discount, the savings weren't significant enough to sway me, but she thinks the discount is pretty significant on the Monogram line. What would you do?


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KitchenAid vs. Jenn-Air refrigerator

posted by: adla on 03.09.2008 at 06:50 pm in Appliances Forum

After doing my research I was all set to buy the 36" KA counter-depth single-door bottom freezer (KBRS20ETSS), but when I got to the store I liked the Jenn-Air handles better and ordered it instead (JBR2088HES). I'm not usually so impulsive and now I'm frantically trying to get info about the J-A in the 2 days I have to cancel the order. Does anyone have the Jenn-Air? Or another J-A bottom freezer? Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks!


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GW applicance favorites

posted by: sammi2 on 03.10.2008 at 10:57 am in Appliances Forum

Have you noticed that certain forums seem to have items that are the forum favorites? I've just been perusing the appliance forums for a short while, and I'm trying to determine some of the favorites.

For example, meile dishwashers seem to be the posterchild dishwasher.

Gas ranges- well, there's alot of passion involved in gas ranges. I hesitate to even name my perceived GW favorite. (Wolf, no wait, Bluestar, no wait, CR said....)

Induction cooktops...everyone seems happy with what they have. How can that be possible?

Refrigerators- the price range is so amazing that it seems a bit hard to come up with a favorite. Maybe Subzero for the sky is the limit option and kitchenaid for the need to keep a roof on my house limit option.

Microwaves- well I don't really read any microwave threads since I've never loved an appliance as much as my whirlpool velos. My dream is that I could love my other appliances nearly as much (which is why I'm thinking of setting my sights on a miele dw, any induction cooktop, and a fridge that will allow me to still make my mortgage payments.)

What are your percieved GW favorites? And, is this thread likely to cause a fight? I've noticed quite a bit of passion when it comes to appliances? (Who would have thought? Its almost like mentioning snot on a parenting board.)


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Liebherr Icemaker Question

posted by: maryhmaryh on 03.14.2008 at 08:48 am in Appliances Forum

We just installed our 24 inch Freestanding Liebherr Refig/Freezer with icemaker a few days ago. The icemaker seems to take along time for each batch of cubes and the cubes it produces are small and alot don't seem fully shaped.

Does anybody have this refrig with the icemaker - is this normal?



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question re: online purchases for sink/faucet

posted by: jalk on 03.03.2008 at 04:11 pm in Appliances Forum

Just got back from the store where I saw an Elkay sink for $444 and a Hansgrohe faucet for $457 - both items I'd like. Looked on line and saw them for 50-100 less however I have no clue if the sites are reputable.

Can anyone recommend online sites for such purchases? Also, I assume buying something like this online is "safer" than a fridge, etc due to damage, repair, etc. Am I right?

Any feedback, please!


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Yet another Bluestar/Ventahood question

posted by: judyfoodie on 03.15.2008 at 11:12 am in Appliances Forum

About 3 years ago I had a kitchen reno done that had a 600 or 900 CFM chimney type Ventahood installed but I have yet to buy my AG range yet mainly because I was undecided because they all have pros/cons. Bluestar was not available in Ontario then but now that I can get one, I'm not sure I have enough ventilation to accomodate it. I've read how you really need to go deep to 27" on the hood for better capture area but don't have that. I thought I had the 24" size but on remeasuring, it's only the 21" depth model!! Now I remember the salesman asking me if I was ever going to put a pro model range in and I said probably not in this house. The hood is installed so from wall to front of the hood, it's only 21" and there's no way I'm prepared to change my hood size.

My question is I've got a 36" wide ventahood designed originally for a standard range that I'd like to put over the 18,000 btu 30" bluestar (22,000 would be a real streeeetch), is there any way of going this route? Can I put at least one high burner in the back? Or do I have to go my next option and get something less powerful?

If I can't go Bluestar, anyone have any idea what the maximum BTU on one burner should be on a "standard" range with this ventahood depth? My current range has the highest burner set at only 12,500 BTU's but was wondering how much higher it can go without compromising the ventahoods performance too much.


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