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Improvised windmill

posted by: kweenofkings on 06.27.2008 at 03:55 pm in Garden Junk Forum

Here is my turbine vent beanpole. My husband built the frame and I painted it. It gets going pretty fast when the wind blows!



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RE: The Origin of Our Modern Totems (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: susiewantsroses on 12.14.2008 at 01:15 am in Garden Junk Forum

An oral story of the Origin of Craft Totems

"Hello, I'm Spendy", she said at her shop-a-holics Annonimous group meeting. "Hi Spendy", the entire group replied in an erie mechanical united voice.

"I maxed out three credit cards shopping at Goodwill this year", her confession began. The story wove a complex tapestry of excessive compulsive spending. Her addiction had her sprinting from Tag Sale, to Resale, to Wholesale, to Estate Sale, to Auctions, to Divorce Sales and ultimately to the POOR HOUSE. (Spendy, in total denial, just saw the poor house as Shabby Chic and planned to curb shop to rehab it immediately.)

Spendy's last 'big haul' produced three plates, one microwave platter, two jars, a blue bud vase, a candy dish, and a pair of spats.(?) She sat in a state of bliss on the floor, with all of her treasures sprawled around her. "How 'GREEN' I am", she sang. "I'm just recycling", she reasoned. Then images of DH jumped on her thought stage and ranted about needing his garage, shed, and attic spaces back.

Spendy became allert instantly when she heard her husband's truck approching the house. She quickly stacked up her beloved treasures and ran to the hall coat closet better known as "Someday I'll get to this Project closet". All FULL!! Then to the linen closet. Yes indeed it most certainly was full of Linens, VINTAGE!!! This collection was in case her then, 16 yr old son, someday married a girl who liked exactly what Spendy liked. Right....We've all used that excuse.

Next Spendy tried under the couch. That narrow hide-a-way held a multitude of spiders, dog toys, cheerios, and dust bunnies. The spats could be stored there in case the family ever decided to be in a Victorian Parade. (It could too happen!) But the stacked tower was whisped away and out the back door to hide in the cutting garden amongst the flowers.

Fall came and the cutting garden flowers bowed down to Mother Nature's icey cold breath. While drinking her French Vanilla Folgers, (which she bragged was on sale and it was double coupon day), Spendy gazed out the window at her sleeping flower bed. There in all of it's sparkling glory was the colorful,accidental, hidden stack of treasures. It was an object of structural art with a Junkie twist. In an instant her creative wheels were turning. She thought, "I love gardening, I love crafting, I love-love-love treasure hunting". "Here is my excuse to do it all"! "Where's my keys", she cried. "I'm going to GoodWill".

Spendy continued telling the Shop-a-holic Annonimous Group about her scuptural passions. She talked about how puzzeled her DH was when she TOLD HIM. The group thought she said TOTEM. So from that day forward the 'oral story' was repeated from group to group (Glass-A-holics, Spend-a-holics, Glue Sniffers of America, Curb Shoppers Club, Million Marble + Society, Garden Junkie Forum and many more.) The name 'Totem' is still used today.

Recorded by Susiesgotproblems


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RE: Your favorite frugal gardening tip (Follow-Up #70)

posted by: gardenfaerie on 03.04.2006 at 08:27 am in Frugal Gardening Forum

If you do use the styrofoam peanuts in the bottom of pots, put them in one of those mesh bags oranges come in or in a plastic bags that you make slits in (drainage is obviously important!) and tie with twist-tie. This way, cleanup is MUCH easier and you can reuse the bag o' styrofoam easily the nest year. Otherwise, it's hard picking individual peanuts out of the soil.



Great idea !! Picking loose 'peanuts' out of soil is very time consuming.
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