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Ipe, PT or Cedar Deck?

posted by: jzinckgra on 03.18.2011 at 02:27 pm in Porches & Decks Forum

We're hoping to build a new house this year (log-sided) and will require ~500sqft) of decking. We've got ipe on our current home's farmers porch and it was a real PITA to get the old surface finish off, which was never properly done (previous owner). After sanding, I applied Sikkens SRD last summer. We live in Maine, so the weather can be harsh. I've noticed the SRD already looking to bubble or peal in a few spots. Arh! Anyways, in building the new house, we have the choice of PT, Ipe or cedar.

PT is the least expensive, but we've had PT before and the stain never seems to take very well and overall the look of the deck after several years isn't that good. I was thinking Ipe or Cedar. I know they have their advantages/disadvantages. Price-wise, the cost per local lumber yard is (5/4 x 4) red cedar 2.08 lf or ipe 2.76 lft.
Which would be the better choice for our climate? Snow would be sitting on the deck most of the winter. I'm not too concerned with the price difference, but both are considerably more costly than PT (0.71/lft). Thanks.


Read later Checkout the site that sells ipe decking down in Alabama to see how they guarantee board straightness etc.
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