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Kitchen Demo Weeks 1 and 2...with pics

posted by: boschboy on 01.30.2012 at 07:53 am in Kitchens Forum

The kitchen demo started after we received a call from Krafmaid letting us know the cabinets would be delivered on February 10. 3 1/2 weeks seems like a long time until you start with a list of everything that needs to be completed prior to installing cabinets. Yes, we are doing all the work ourselves.
1. Remove old cabinets
2. Remove lots of wallpaper
3. Run new electrical lines for oven, outlets and lights
3. Install ceiling speakers
4. Install wood floor under old cabinets. (We had installed a wood floor 3 years ago and they also need to run under the new cabinets now.)
5. Paint ceiling and walls
6. Install duct for new vent hood

Sink and vent hood have arrived. I also purchased a single induction cooktop to cook meals on. I have to be very creative with meal planning.

First are 3 pics prior to any demo. Lots and lots of wallpaper!!
Below is where the double oven is moving to.


Kitchen essentials for the next few weeks. Yes, 2 wine glasses are essential!!

The dogs are concerned with all the changes.

My temporary kitchen is set up in the breakfast area.

The desk was the first thing to go.

Like an episode of Lost, my dog Jack wondered where the island went.

Cooktop removed.


No more wallpaper!!

Dinner is cooking after a long weekend.

Luckily no major problems so far. Have found lots of electrical and construction issues that would make Mike Holmes cringe, but we have been able to correct them so far.

I will post more pics over the next few weeks. Phew!!


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