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General Finishes Gel Stain Update

posted by: tntw on 01.21.2010 at 09:39 am in Kitchens Forum

OK. I finished staining [finally]. Thank you so much to everyone on the board who gave detailed instructions on how to do it. It's easy but tedious work. I am not a patient person so this was a challenge for me.

It took about a week + to do these. I left some on the hinges so I could do both sides. This worked great. I washed with soap and green scotch brite sponge. Then I wiped on mineral spirits with a rag. I lightly sanded some surfaces but my cabinets were so beat up there was little need.

I did a coat waited 24 hours and did another coat. Then waited and did top coat again 24 hours 2nd top coat. Then took all drawers and doors off and did base only 1 coat and 2 top coats.

My favorite part is how now the cabinets don't matchy match with the flooring [always bothered me]. And I can't believe how great it goes with the granite!




My tips.

1. go light. You can always add more coats but you can't take it back. I went dark so I had to continue that way. I ended up liking it but there were some tears during it because I didn't plan to go dark.

2. GLOVES. Not latex [they disintegrate]. Wear em or you'll stain your nails and cuticles and it does NOT come off [been wearing dark nailpolish for a while now because I ran out of gloves].

3. Using old socks workes best. Put gloved hand inside of a sock and wipe it on. Use rag to wipe it off and blend it in.

4. Use the sponge throw-away brushes for the top coat.

The color I used was Brown Mahogany.


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