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RE: Best wood fire insert/please say experience (Follow-Up #64)

posted by: rob1971 on 08.13.2008 at 08:38 pm in Fireplaces Forum

Just had a Jotul Kennebec 450 insert installed in my 2100 square foot house which has an open floor plan. I haven't really used the unit yet but I'm hoping it'll make a difference in our heating bill. Stove and installation ran about $3100. It's great looking unit and Jotul has an excellent reputation. That's pretty much why I bought the Kennebec. It's more in keeping with the contemporary style of our living room. As my wife stated: " I don't want something that looks like a Sherman tank!" At any rate....I feel good about spending the $3100. We had the install done in the beginning of June. Good thing......most area dealers are now swamped with orders and can't get the inventory in fast enough. Well..... Stay warm.


Just as a follow up post: I had a little burn in the Kennebec 450. It was a relatively cool day and I was anxious to fire the unit up. It puts out a tremendous amount of heat and the blower is very effective. Here's the important information; This insert was installed by a very reputable dealer and inspected/approved by the local building inspector. The existing wooden mantel was, in fact, not in spec in relation to Jotul's requirement for clearance to combustibles. I need to sleep nights so I removed the mantel and installed some cementboard to make everything compliant. The point is you simply cannot trust the dealer or the building inspector. Everyone must do to their own homework to ensure the installation is correct.
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