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RE: OT: How Do You Keep Track?? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: bud_wi on 10.12.2007 at 08:31 am in Home Decorating Forum

Do a search on your UN, although this can be time consuming on certain forums that you have responded to a number of times. I think I have 300 responses in the Decorating Forum and only 1 in the Cars Forum. So for instance, once I do a search on 'bud_wi' I then use the [find] function to search for the month the post is from, or the topic of the title, if there are numberous pages of posts to sort through.

If it is an on going topic that you are following, use tabbed browsers. Keep the ones around that you are following and when the topic has died down, just close the tab out.

I'm sure there is probably other ways to do it, maybe even easier too. This is just the way I do it.


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herbs on a boat?

posted by: Komi on 06.02.2003 at 09:20 pm in Plants for Difficult Places Forum

I don't spend much time on boats, but I have friends who have a steel trawler and love to cook on it. I am wondering if there is some sort of boat-friendly set up for them to have some herbs growing over there. I guess the first concern is using a wave-friendly container and soil. The second is a watering setup so that they can leave the plants there during the week. Anyone with experience?


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Snow peas for shoots AND tips?

posted by: paulns on 06.12.2006 at 08:59 am in Asian Vegetables Forum

The local resort has opened for the summer and the chef is excited about the prospect of us growing pea shoots for him - he'd take 5 lbs/week. I'd like to supply him but that's a lot of space - we have 1/2 acre and much of it is in perennials (berries, asparagus).

Can the pea plants be made to do double duty - if we clip the shoots, will the plants regrow and produce pods? I did a GW search and couldn't find the answer to this specific question.
The seed we have is Oregon sugar snap II.


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