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RE: help !!! dirty clothes from LG fl (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: blazinlo on 11.07.2006 at 01:10 pm in Laundry Room Forum

I have WM0642HW - somewhat similar to 2277.. dont know which LG FL you have.. However, I wash all different sized loads.. Mostly use the cotton/regular cycle w/ the soil selector set to "light", the temp to "warm/warm" and the spin to "extra high". I have SOFT water and use about 1/2 tsp of Persil laundry detergent. I put about 1/2 tsp of softener in the dispenser. I add about 1 TBS of white vinegar to both the bleach and the softener compartments. I choose the extra rinse cycle. My clothes come out clean and soft


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