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How difficult is to apply stain to garage doors.

posted by: ritholtz on 09.10.2014 at 02:49 pm in Garages/Workshops Forum

Wondering, if staining garage doors is simple task for owner to DIY. I have split garage doors, small front paragola and two small windows (above garage and above front door). I approached a contractor. He asked me $500 for this task. Trying to get some feedback before deciding it.


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Thoughts on 'Hybrid Willows' vs. 'Thuja Green Giant'?

posted by: dixiechixie on 03.04.2006 at 03:56 pm in New England Gardening Forum

The back of our yard is in need of some privacy screen, as it faces other yards. The main portion of the yard is flat, but it slopes down towards the boudary lines. The houses behind us actually are on another street and are below us. From the other street, you can see up into our yard.

We are looking to plant something that is fast growing and offers privacy.

I was all set on the Thuja Green Giant but have just seen the Hybrid Willows. The willows appear to grow faster and taller, the Thujas retain their conical shape (so pretty!).

Does anyone have any experience with either of these? Thanks!


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Thuja Occidentalis Smaragd (Emerald Green)

posted by: thaddy1978 on 04.06.2011 at 01:48 pm in Conifers Forum

Hey all, I had originally posted this in another forum and was referred back here. New to the site and didn't know what I was doing, I guess. Here is what I posted:

I am new to this well as fairly new to the gardening/planting world and just can't wait till I can start planting here in Utah, However I am transplanted here, from Virginia, so I have a lot to learn about this climate.

Now, the topic I need help with: I have read a lot on Thuja's and had decided on the Green Giant, but realized how bug they got and how small my yard is. I can see the neighbors walking around in through their big sliding glass door, as I am sure they can see me and my family. I need a hedge! the 6' fence is not tall enough--our house sits higher than theirs by several feet. Home Depot locally sells the Thuja Occidentalis (the Emerald Green variety) for great prices, but they say on their tags that they only grow 8 to 10 feet. This is not tall enough. HD online says the Emerald Greens grow 12 to 15 feet. Is this a different sub variety? Also, one site says to plant (for a hedge) 2' centers and another site says 4' centers for a hedge. What's the deal? How fast do the Emerald Greens grow? Is there something else I can plant that grows quickly that provides privacy that is not overbearing like the Green Giant but is evergreen? The soil here is sandy and the environment is desert-like and has a regular hot drought season, but can get very cold and wet in the winter. We also have a lot of wind. What do you think??


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RE: Need recommendation for privacy screen/noise buffer (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: tx_ag_95 on 04.20.2011 at 08:16 am in Texas Gardening Forum

As much as I dislike the red-tip photinia, it will work for what you want. The previous owners of my house planted it as a privacy fence and I haven't had any problems with disease. They grow just fine in full sun and I don't have to water them beyond watering the grass. The problem I have is that they want to be larger than the space they're given. If you can give them enough room for them to grow to their mature size (width as well as height) then they'd be OK. They do grow relatively quickly -- I've chopped some down to stubs and had them reach 8' tall again in a couple of years. They do really want to be about 15' tall, not the 6' that people seem to want them to be, and a good 6-8' wide. They haven't been bothered by any of the past six summers I've been here and the last two winters didn't phase them, either.


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alternative to mondo grass

posted by: texasturbo on 08.16.2008 at 10:36 pm in Texas Gardening Forum

My lanndscaper put mondo grass in as edging around concrete areas of my patio. I live in Dallas and the mondo is exposed to the full sun. Needless to say, it is all dead or dying. I believe it was around 80 flats of Mondo. Can anyone offer suggestions on a good looking clean alternative to mondo....something that does not spread, lasts year long like mondo, and can take the heat.



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narrow, tall hedge ideas for DFW?

posted by: enjoyingnature on 10.13.2013 at 08:15 pm in Texas Gardening Forum

Any help would be appreciated :) We'd like to create some privacy for our long "fish bowl" backyard surrounded by several two story houses. There's currently almost no landscaping. At the very back of the yard, we're planning on planting a 12 foot high hedge of six Green Thuja's (pending HOA approval). What is the most narrow width we can keep it for it to thrive? How often would we have to prune it? Also, are there any possible narrow privacy hedges (besides Holly) that would be good for along the sides of the yard (12 feet high and 3 feet wide)? The backyard is 70 feet wide and 81 feet long. We have up to 8 feet at the very back of the yard to grow the Green Thuja. We're in the Ft. Worth area. Thanks!


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I nedd a privacy screen is a Nellie Stevens holly a good choice

posted by: chrisk399 on 04.14.2009 at 08:05 pm in Landscape Design Forum

I am looking to screen out the back of a building that is an eyesore from my yard. I was initially thinking of getting 5 leyland cypress trees and spreding them 6 feet apart, After reading about them they sound like they might get a little to big and to much work.
My next thought was a Nellie Stevens Holly. My questions are 1- If I plant them 6 feet apart how tall can I expect them to grow 2- how wide can I expect them to grow. 3- the building is pretty tall 18 to 19 feet is my quess is this a good plan to use a holly


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Suggestions for tall growing shrub/tree as a hedge to near by win

posted by: ritholtz on 02.20.2014 at 05:04 pm in Texas Gardening Forum

I posed this message in landscaping forum. I am in Dallas. Please help me to come up with tree/plant for my needs.

I am planning to plant tall growing shrubs/trees to get a privacy hedge from backside window facing my yard/patio. I am looking at Savanna holly, Neville Holly, Wax myrtle and Ligustrum wax leaf.

I am not able to decide on something. I went to nursery and looked at them. This nursery has some of them in smaller size. So, I can transport and plant my self. I got very expensive quotes from landscaper.

One idea is to grow Holly (Savanna or Neville) with 3'-4' gap and let them grow tall and narrow. They will make a hedge at the top (10' - 15' height).

Other idea is to plant wax myrtle / Ligustrum Wax leaf and grow them like a tree. We will have space at the bottom and they cover at the top.

I have received suggestions to plant Italian cypress and other conifers. But they might not form a hedge at the top.
Please let me know your suggestions.



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Please help me with choosing matching color for furniture

posted by: ritholtz on 02.04.2014 at 01:48 pm in Furniture Forum

I am planning to get leather sofa set for my living room. My budget is limited (2k - 3k). I identified few sofa sets in ashely and rooms2go which fit in my budget. I am thinking of going with individual sets instead of sectional in order to get some space to walk. My layout is little different in the sense, TV is attached to the corner. My hardwood floor color is mix of light and dark brown. I have 5.1 speaker system installed such that main sofa will be facing TV (cornet). We have darker wood kitchen cabinets. I am going to post some pictures of my layout and hardwood floor. Please give me your suggestion about color and type of sofas to complement my living space.



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Evergreen, fast growing, shade.. is this possible?

posted by: sommer on 01.28.2005 at 10:25 am in Ozarks Region Forum

I need some type of hedge or trees that are fast growing, evergreen and will do this faster growing in a more shady area.

We have parts of our yard that get alot of sun and parts that get minimal sun.... Obviously the areas with more sun are easier to grow plants, however, I need help with the less sunny areas.

I am attempting to make a living fence and security/privacy barrier around our property.

Thanks for your help!


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savannah holly, or wax myrtle, in mckinney?

posted by: bhawkins on 08.17.2009 at 09:56 pm in Texas Gardening Forum

i'm thinking of trying a couple of these. i have some pretty solid limestone rock 2-3 ft down, so soil is very akaline

anybody try these?



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Privacy and Other Issues

posted by: grlwprls on 09.07.2012 at 04:41 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum

I think everyone has heard that we moved into a 1920's house in AR, handling the entire transaction while living out of state. Oddly, no one mentioned this house to us so imagine our surprise when we pulled up with our moving truck. And imagine more surprise when we realized how big and how close this house was going to end up being and how out of scale with our house.

When we put our offer in on this house, it had a lovely garden with three established trees along the far fence line and a black aluminum fence. The garden, and its somewhat carefree maintenance was one of the big selling features to us.

Fast forward to moving in and discovering almost immediately that one of our trees was encroaching on the new build. Two tree companies came out and both said that because the prior owner of my house hadn't kept the tree trimmed properly on our side and it was so far over the property line on the other side, that by the time they thinned the canopy we would have a trunk that might not survive. So out came that tree.


So now our garden is a little out of sorts and the middle maple has really been stressed this summer with its new sun exposure.

For us, we have a huge issue of privacy. When we linger in our garden now, we have a huge hole along the fence, and the neighbors' new windows from their living area give us a very "gorillas at the zoo" feeling.

The neighbors cannot landscape because their house is literally right at the 4' setback. So, landscaping is going to fall to me. Part of me wants to just jack my side fence up to 6 ft (it's 4' now) and put privacy mesh on it. Then, plant troughs of camellias so that only *I* get to enjoy my high dollar landscaping. I know that doesn't seem very neighborly, but they put every plumbing vent, their gas meter, and their AC units right against my garden. In the case of their AC units, I half suspect that their position is in violation of the set back.


Granted, I have to landscape all the way down the property line, but the lower garden can just be cheap hollies or some such thing. We're going to have to rework our beds and hardscape to gain back some privacy in our upper garden.

Is it horrible to do a privacy mesh thing? Or maybe I should do a wooden fence? Would that be nicer? It won't match my front fence or rear fence. They have a large, odd shaped casement window set up that looks right into the seating area of my garden.

What would you do if you had a house built nearly on top of you? We've already had to redo all our window treatments - and then keep them closed all the time! - because their windows look directly into ours. And our back deck? Prime viewing from their kids' bedrooms. Argh. So much for my idyllic park like grounds!

Ugh. I sound bitter, don't I? I just hope it looks better when finished than it appears to look now. The entire house has awful proportions and completely lacks symmetry - but only in a "why is that window 6 inches over?" sort of way. It looks accidental rather than purposeful.

So anyway. The fence. Go with a higher version than my current 4 ft. black aluminum with mesh or go with a totally different fence along our shared property line?


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posted by: RhapsodyofBohemia on 12.09.2012 at 12:50 am in Texas Gardening Forum

Hello Dallas Gardeners, I am very new to this forum as well as gardening. We bought new home very recently and now we are thinking of gardening. Can you suggest good nursery to buy Italian Cypress, Juniper, japanese maple and so on and soil also. I also like to buy some plants that will cover the soil. FYI, we are new to gardening and I don't have a green thumb. please help me giving good suggestions.


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Suggestions for Privacy Tree

posted by: columbiasooner on 07.19.2009 at 10:05 pm in Texas Gardening Forum

We have 3 windows on the West side of our house that the neighbors can see directly over the fence into the middle of our house. I need some suggestions for a tree that will cover this area. The planting area is between our house and the 7 foot high fence and has about 4 feet of room. We need to go up at least 3 feet. The windows are about 10 feet wide. There is a crape myrtle down the fence-line that does really well. We just need something that is going to stay full all year long. Thanks in advance.


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Evergreen screening

posted by: aukumar on 05.11.2012 at 03:34 pm in Texas Gardening Forum

I had planted a dozen Thuja Green Giants 3yrs ago along the property border line in urban setting thinking they would be elegant screening for my backyard. They sustained two winters and one summer (2010). They hardly grew 2ft. But last summer (2011) they all perished due the the N Texas heat. I do not want to take chances again with these trees.
From my backyard, I can see the interstate freeway traffic. I am considering Nellie R Stevens holly for screening and want them to be at least 8ft tall in 2 yrs. I may need to plant them in a row along the fence 85ft long. I guess I need at least 9 such trees. Can someone from the forum suggest the best time to plant them and where I can buy them (at least 4 ft tall) in N TX area?


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Crape Myrtle

posted by: ruthz on 10.01.2013 at 11:27 pm in Texas Gardening Forum

Anybody recognize this one. It's one of several volunteers from my neighbor's yard. The color is more red/hot pink and the edges seem to white. I really like it.


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RE: Rabbit poop in soil (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: ritholtz on 10.08.2013 at 01:12 am in Shrubs Forum

Does it look like this?


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RE: Please ID these shrubs. (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: dave_in_nova on 09.20.2013 at 07:41 pm in Shrubs Forum

Greetings. I can't answer all your questions, but I can help with IDs on some.

First pic, the reddish leaved plants are Nandina Firepower. They don't really take to pruning all that well. Smaller green shrub could be boxwood.

2nd pic: I doubt it would hurt foundation, but I don't know what it is without a closeup.

Last pic looks like Indian Hawthorn. Should be easy to transplant with enough rootball. Fall is a good time.


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Please ID these shrubs.

posted by: ritholtz on 09.20.2013 at 05:09 pm in Shrubs Forum

Please let me know name of small green shrub and colored shrub. Do I need to trim these shrubs as well along with privets. Looks like my colored leave shrub is in distress.


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Land scaping suggestion for improving privacy

posted by: ritholtz on 09.19.2013 at 06:09 pm in Landscape Design Forum

We recently bought a home which has town homes to west side with road separating us. We also had empty lot behind our back yard. Now, they are building town home there as well with 10' setback. We got couple of windows very close to us in the corner. Please give us your suggestions to grow shrubs to improve privacy.

We liked and bought this home without thinking about these issues. Looks like, we are going to have issues at the time of resale.

Pic of my home with town home to west.


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Help to weed out my lawn.

posted by: ritholtz on 07.31.2013 at 04:05 pm in Lawn Care Forum

We moved into 4 years old home in Dallas. Our lot size is 67' X 110'. Home size is around 50' X 70. Front yard is maintained by HOA.

My lawn is occupied by all sorts of weeds. We have a Bermuda grass. Gross is not at all growing. It is slowly dying out. I am going to post pics of the weeds and gross later.

Please give me your suggestions to improve my lawn.



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Sofa / Rug material suggestions.

posted by: ritholtz on 07.28.2013 at 10:47 am in Furniture Forum

We bought a 8' X 12' rug made from olefin material for dining area made by Orion. Room size is 9' X 13' and one side is open to Foyer. Dining table size is 42" X 70" without extension leaf.

Most of the forums are recommending wool rugs. We bought it from store without reading anything about rugs. Is it good idea to return and get wool rug to cover under dining table set.

Are there any side affects for using Olefin rugs considering it is a synthetic product. I am considering 8' X 10' wool rugs made by Thomasville. These wools rugs are more expensive than Olefin rug I bought.



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RE: Are these wood cabinets/floor too dark? (Follow-Up #22)

posted by: ritholtz on 04.10.2013 at 12:05 am in Kitchens Forum

Thanks for all the compliments. Nervous few more days for us. We will remember all these valuable suggestions once we move in. We also noticed about wood shutters cutting off lot of light. But they felt very nice, functional and easy to use.


My thread
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