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RE: Soon to be final? And a little elevation help, please. (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: icedC on 01.29.2013 at 07:41 pm in Building a Home Forum

pps- Thanks so much. Lots of great thoughts. The kitchen layout is definitely not set in stone; I tried the kitchen forum but got zero feedback. Hopefully the cabinetry people will have some ideas soon, but the fridge/oven swap sounds promising! We're still contemplating the door from mudroom to outside. Hmm, something to think about with the door to mudroom too.

I have had the same though about the kitchen too re: things "lining up." We were planning the built-in to create a little separation between the spaces, and to make the bump to higher ceiling in the family room seem more natural. Maybe it would be better to just do an arch to create a sense of two different spaces rather than the built-in.

red- I guess that is the question! If the kids would actually use a side door vs just coming in the garage anyway.

palimpest- You have brought up lots of things that have been bothering me! Shutters that could not possibly have any function: the just look so silly. We were never really sold on the arch (cambered- I had to look that word up!) windows anyway.

Here is my quick and dirty paint mock-up. Better, I think? I thought keeping the window the same size would not look right either, but you were right! It is much better.

 photo Edit_zps2f775ce7.jpg


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Soon to be final? And a little elevation help, please.

posted by: icedC on 01.29.2013 at 04:17 pm in Building a Home Forum

I could not resist posting our plans one last night; everyone's insight has been invaluable.

Here are the floor plans for final review. I don't think there have been any big changes to the 2nd floor in a while. 1st floor, notably, we bumped out a kitchen wall so that we could fit a door to the covered porch.

 photo Almostfinal-2_zps76de1ba1.jpg

 photo Almostfinal-4_zps986025fe.jpg

Now, onto the elevation. We had the archiect alter the stone slightly, but he did not get rid of all of that "accent" stone at the bottom which will not be there. My major question is this- would you prefer the rectangle over the door or the arched window? There is something that is not pleasing to me about the arch, but the rectangle does not seem quite right either. I need a new pair of fresh eyes, please! (For what it is worth, our architect does not prefer the rectangle.)

 photo Almostfinal-1_zps820cad41.jpg

 photo 11-25-3.jpg

 photo Almostfinal-3_zps3791f60b.jpg

And of course, any other thoughts on the elevation are welcome!

Thanks again everyone. We are hoping to break ground in about a month. (please mother nature!)


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