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RE: Your experience/practical advice is requested concerning mudr (Follow-Up #21)

posted by: mairin on 01.23.2010 at 12:27 pm in Home Decorating Forum

looks like you've gotten lots of good responses, but here's a picture of our mudroom.

we have 3 kids (well 2, plus an infant - so he doesn't really count yet!). we only had enough space for 4 locker areas (wish we had five now that our family expanded). I wasn't sure we would use it because the powder room sink is so close, but the sink in the mudroom has been a life saver for those sandy hands, muddy feet, etc.). really glad that's in there. I love having the benches to sit upon to put on shoes. We keep our shoes 'loose' under the bench/drawer area which seems to work well enough. The coats hanging out in the open doesn't bother me (it is a mudroom, after all and just for our family to see). The hooks might be sturdy enough to handle a really heavy bookbag, but I'd think it best for shelves as well. I LOVE having the drawers - it's made keeping all the little items more tidy (I've got girls, so hair stuff, jewelry, etc.). we use the upper cabs and drawers for mittens, hats, and other overflow. The corner shelves now have bins for school work and lots of JUNK! this is also where we have plugs for any electronics that need to be charged.

these pics are when we first moved in (May) so limited visual of coats, boots, etc, but you get the idea.


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