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RE: Raspberries in Albuquerque (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: rightwingback-1 on 03.05.2013 at 03:19 am in Southwestern Gardening Forum

My take on berry bushes in Albuquerque. I know of some commercial Raspberries grown in the area, but I think these are in Zone A2-in mountain humus soils. In ABQ proper alkaline will keep you from either having fruit set, or it will stunt and die over time. Use a treated water to lower Ph to 4.0 Our H2O is even too alkaline.
Interesting that someone on the Front Range has been growing berries (Blueberries no less)in peet bales, and sinking the bales into the earth-with only puncture on top planting hole. It is how I now grow mine. Don't fail to wrap your twigs over winter with a warm cheese cloth-or suffer wind kill.


The Redbud tree in springtime. Just down the hill: Redhaven Peach with barrier built around it-a small half door is visible. To the left in background is a frame for the Queen Anne Cherry tree netting.
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