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RE: Couldn't resist - banquette cushion in! (Follow-Up #12)

posted by: a2gemini on 08.05.2012 at 02:03 pm in Kitchens Forum

Kelly - we are ordering through King's Chosen - a local store that works with a series of Amish furniture makers. I could have ordered directly but the shipping was expensive and this way, I could customize it. Thanks for the compliment on the banquette.

Michoumonster - the bench is 79 inches wide. The cushion width is 21 - I have to look, I think it was supposed to be 20 :-( so hope enough room for the back.
The height is 3 inches of foam plus the wraps to make it around 4-4.5 inches. If I had room, I would have gone one inch thicker. I used high density foam and a local upholstery shop did the covers (and ordered the foam, etc.

The pillows are fluffier than I expected but they are so comfy. They are feather filled.

If no back - 18 is probably adequate - but since we have pillow backs, a minimum of 20-22 would be better...

Thanks for the compliments..


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