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Taking possession a week from Fri...any advice?

posted by: nini804 on 08.16.2011 at 09:32 am in Building a Home Forum

For those of you who have BTDT...any advice about things you wished you had brought up to your builder PRIOR to writing that last check? :) We are having a little "pre-through" this Thursday evening with him, and then he has a week to get it all perfect (lol!) before we take possession. I know there will be issues that will come up after that...but since this is our first custom home, wanted to get some helpful tips! Thanks, y'all!!


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Marble with Clearstone pic

posted by: romy718 on 09.21.2013 at 03:20 pm in Kitchens Forum

5 different finishes on the two pieces, high polished to honed. After I talk to the applicator on Monday, I'll do some etching experiments.
My one concern is the edge of my ogee. I told him that I wouldn't want to be able to see the layer of coating and he said he would work the edges so it wouldn't be visible. I'm not sure because I don't remember exactly what this ogee edge looked like before the coating was applied but the edge does not appear as sharp as my countertop edge. I have to talk to him about that. Even with the polished areas, you have to bend down to see the coating edge. I have to find out if he can "work" the edges less and keep them sharp.
Srosen is a Clearstone applicator, so I am hoping he will see this & give me his opinion.

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Clearstone over honed marble for etching?
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Exterior colors- too bold?

posted by: livingreen2013 on 10.29.2012 at 05:12 pm in Building a Home Forum

So, it's about time for us to think about ordering our stone and shingles, and it's gotten us re-thinking our original exterior color scheme of a lighter blue/green/gray. Just as of lately we've began thinking about taking it 180 degrees and going with more of a charcoal/white trim/contrasting stone look. Any thoughts or opinions? Our windows need to be white, so the any siding color (board and batten and shake shingle siding) needs to go with white. Would this darker siding color look good with a dark-stained wood front door too? Are there any heating/cooling/wear/tear factors to think of with going such a darker color?
On a side note, does anyone have any idea what type of stone this is, or have seen something similar with such bold contrast? Thanks in advance.


traditional houses dark colors
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Opinion? Gravel or wood chips?

posted by: ninjabut on 04.05.2008 at 09:23 pm in Potager Gardens Forum

OK, I finally have someone coming in to do some work to get the pottager really going!
The problem is that we are on the wind side of a horse field and all we get are weeds!
We've been using used carpet and pea gravel for a few years in a protected area of the yard, but got alot of weeds this year in the gravel. It seems like we would get more in the wood chips as they break down, but we could also add wood chips as they break down to mulch the weeds!
HMMMMM. What do you think? NT


stones vs wood chips for garden paths...
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Updated Architect Floor Plans! PLEASE give feedback!

posted by: AllieBr8 on 05.03.2013 at 04:40 pm in Building a Home Forum

We live on a 130 acre farm...we have decided to do a major add on /renovation...instead of building new up on the hillside of our farm. We've grown to love the spot where our house sits. The small single story brick ranch home is what you see in the plans now as the kitchen and great room which is a 1 1/2 story vaulted ceiling. We liked our architects problem solving in that aspect with how he transformed/incorporated the existing structure. I'd love it if the kitchen could be closer to the garage but it would take it too far away from the diningroom. I don't think the space upstairs is being utilized as well as it could be. Lots of hallway space. As well I think I'm doing away with the jack and jill and putting one access door from hall. I think our master suite WICs need reworked. We do not own a piano...architect added that for picture sake. What do you think of main stairway placement? Is it bad feng shu to have it coming down toward entrance? Or is there enough space there? We are a family of 4(husband/wife/4 & 2 yo) Open to all comments/input!!! Thank you kindly!!


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RE: Floor plan review please - Almost finalized - Yippee! (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: mydreamhome on 03.27.2012 at 09:34 am in Building a Home Forum

Wow!!! Great job! Love the elevation!! Floorplan looks great too! There's not a whole lot to improve on IMO. I only noticed 3 things that I would do different.

-The girls' J&J--it looks like you have enough space to give each bedroom it's own bathroom. At the point you're at, you're only talking about 1 more toilet & 1 more tub. It would allow greater privacy, less fighting over the toilet/shower area, less wasted time (waiting to get into the shared area) and fewer lockouts. I would continue the wall between the sinks to the exterior wall and place the toilet next to the vanity and the tub next to the toilet.

-The area between the island and breakfast area looks a little tight to me with the end of the island lining up with the two outer walls of the dining area. I would shorten the island slightly (maybe 6" to 1') to allow greater clearance. It looks like the island is slightly shorter than the range wall on the other end, so shortening the dining area end slightly would help balance it as well.

-In the laundry room--you are going to LOVE all that space!!! Is the 'drop' a laundry chute or just a drop counter? What will the closet in the corner be used for? I would run counters on that side as well---with so many counters, you would have plenty of 'drop counter' space + more folding space. You could run a rod between upper cabinets in the current 'drop' space for hangup clothes. If you need tall space in that corner, you could do a tall corner cabinetry unit there.

-Still in the laundry--one of the big things that has helped me greatly with the laundry room was the addition of hamper bins in the lower cabinets. We used the full height double trashcan pullouts. The cans allow for immediate sorting when the dirty clothes come into the laundry room (even when brought in by my 7yr old) & one can = a full load of laundry. They keep the "dirties" out of sight, all the laundry is already sorted for me, and I know when I have a full load. Here's a few pics from right after we moved in--please excuse the moving in clutter :-)...




Hope this helps!


laundry sorting tips and ideas
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RE: XP from building forum - help with drivway layout! (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: deviant-deziner on 09.21.2012 at 01:13 pm in Landscape Design Forum

If you don't want to look out at a driveway then don't put it in the front.
Use the direct North facing driveway and install a circular bump out to the west of the entry leg or a hammer head turn around that extends 10 -15 feet from the 2 car garage and connect a central leading path to the front door.

If the long entry driveway is required you can line it with Olive trees for a pleasant sense of entry.

The entry driveway in the photo below is set in a vineyard on the county line of Napa and Sonoma


driveway with grasses and olive trees. Sigh.
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