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Curious About Sounds from Upstairs Neighbor

posted by: lisagu on 02.28.2007 at 04:13 pm in Apartment Living Forum

I live on the 10th floor of a 135-unit high-rise apartment building. It's an older building made of concrete with plaster walls. For the most part, you can't hear a thing, which is a blessing.

About a year ago, when I first moved in, I was laying awake in bed early one morning and I thought I heard yodling. I live in New Jersery and yodling is not exactly common, so I dismissed it.
During the next few months I heard other strange sounds, always at obscure hours, like 2am or 5am. These sounds included women moaning (like pornography was being watched), or opera singing.

It turns out that these sounds are coming from the apartment above me. The only sounds I can hear at all come from above. The woman moaning turned out to be a real live human, not a woman in a video. This couple that lives above me.....they have sex everyday, sometimes several times a day, for HOURS at a time. I wish I was joking and I know I should probably be happy for them. And you know, I don't really have's not disturbing my sleep or any aspect of my life. I just find it so strange.....she moans in delight for hours on end.

Then of course, the singing. He yodles, sings opera, sings rock songs and he's good. At two in the morning I hear, "Pussycat, pussycat, I love you, yes I do; you and your pussycat eyes"...... or, "I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow". It's absolutely entertaining and in no way disturbs me. One night I even heard him singing duets with the woman that usually just moans. Apparently she can also sing.

The latest sounds from above.....banging, hammering, knocking, all day long for hours on end. I know you are probably thinking that I need to get out more - please don't send me insulting comments. I work from home, which is something I love and it pays my bills.
Starting around 8am, just about every day, I hear hammering and banging from above. I would have bet my life that he was having a new hardwood floor installed or new carpeting tacked down. But the noise has continued, several days a week, for several weeks. In fact, as I type this, I hear hammering.

My imagination runs wild...I haven't heard the sexual moaning woman in weeks and instead hear the sound of a hammer striking the walls, the floor, etc. I am convinced my upstairs neighbor has a wooden leg like a pirate and he's up there dancing a jig; or maybe he is a rock sculptor and he is chiseling away at his latest piece. There is no real rhythm to the hammering and with our plaster walls, hammering is not a practical method of hanging things on the wall. (I pre-drilled holes for anything I hung on my walls)
My cat is going crazy from all this hammering. He sits and stares at the ceiling, sometimes howling in response.

So my question is.....can I go upstairs and ask this crazy man what he is doing? We have never met, though his mailbox in next to mine in the lobby and I do know who he is. The hammering is during the day and I'm not really complaining, just curious. Should I just mind my own business and wait for the hammering phase to pass? or would it be an acceptable thing to do to knock on his door and just ask, "what are you doing in there?"



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