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RE: white subway tile - where did you buy yours?? (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: lascatx on Fri, Jan 9, 09 at 13:55 in Kitchens Forum

The basics from HD or Lowes are fine. They will give you crisp lines and a clean finish. If that is what you want, I would not feel a need to look further. If you want a particular color, a crackled finish, the pillowed look or the irregular lines that either are or mimic handmade tiles, then you pay a fair bit more -- but for a splash, the cost of either tile may not be as much as the labor if you hire the job out.

Because I spent too much time here and over-thinking all the details, I would have gotten the HD type adn been done with it. Insteaed, I decided I needed something that wasn't totally flat. Mine are Crossville Savoy (look at, and I do like them and the touch of character they have. Not sure I would have been unhappy with the ones from HD though.


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Best and worst decisions you made when renovating

posted by: loves2cook4six on 06.29.2012 at 06:36 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I love these threads because you get so much collective wisdom in them.

The last thread reached it's limit of 150 post

We are starting an emergency bathroom remodel due to a toilet leaking while we were on vacation so I can use all the help we can get.

Right now our masterbath is gutted at the floor level and we are having to make some major decisions with very little time to do research.

So please help us out and tell us what you love, what you wish you'd done differently and what you think was either a waste of money or a really bad decision.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to previous thread


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Neorest vs washlet

posted by: drbouba on 07.10.2012 at 04:20 pm in Bathrooms Forum

we are building a new house and want a bidet lid for the master bathroom. I am deciding between a "normal" toilet with a bidet lid (eg the Toto S300) or the Neorest 500. It seems like we should go with the neorest because it is a single device which will look better. However, I don't really like nor feel any need for the automatic lid open and closing nor the automatic flushing. Is there any other advantage? Can anyone say which have better spray wands or drying action? I think it will be cheaper to go with the washlet but I'd buy the neorest if it will simply be a superior toilet over time.



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Kerdi shower question

posted by: jillinnj on 06.29.2012 at 05:36 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We are about to get started on renovating our master bathroom and from reading I've done here, we'd like to use the Kerdi system for the shower stall. But, from looking at their information, the pan only seems to come in 3 sizes: 32x60, 48x48 and 72x72. However our shower is 32x48.

Is there another system that has more sizes available? Or are there really more sizes available from Kerdi and I'm missing something (very possible!)? As you can tell, we are novices at this and need help.

DH says he's willing to exchange money for ease of installation (up to paying someone to do it). We are DIYing with the help of a couple of friends that are very handy (DH is pretty handy too).

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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Skirted Versus Non-Skirted Toilets

posted by: sandy808 on 06.23.2011 at 10:26 am in Bathrooms Forum

We are in the process of selecting toilets for our new house and are looking for just a basic toilet that actually flushes. There seem to be complaints about them all but the American Standard Cadet 3 seems to have excellent reviews, and offer both skirted and non-skirted versions.

I feel that many toilets are overpriced and over gimmicked, which I have an ethical issue with.

The skirted look like they would be the easiest to first glance. When looking into the specs on the various brands of skirted toilets, they have open backs behind the skirt. This does not appear to me to be a great thing. You can't exactly move the toilet out to clean in there, and who would want to anyway. Sooner or later, the crud would get back in there. The American Standard skirted does not look like it fits snugly against the wall behind the skirted portion.

We did see a Kohler that fit closer to the wall, but we haven't been impressed with Kohler toilets.

Please share your experiences with the skirted toilets and the cleaning issues associated with them, as we need to get them very soon.

Thanks in advance!



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HELP with online faucet purchase.

posted by: tjeff2000 on 07.23.2012 at 05:11 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We are looking into ordering faucets for our new house and eventhough the local place is giving me a good discount, 30-40 off, it looks like there are online places that are even cheaper. Looking at mostly Grohe products.
I heard Kohler has cheap, plastic parts in the home improvement store chains, but what about Grohe?

Any recommendations on where to purchase quality Grohe faucets online???



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Please Help With Picking Tile & Fixtures

posted by: Rareindigo on 08.18.2012 at 09:39 am in Bathrooms Forum

Help - have my vanity and countertop. But am stuck on tile! Initially thought about white subway tile in tub/shower area and 48" around the rest of the bathroom. Could I use a large scale white tile - 12" x 24" or would that look out of place in a small bathroom (5' x 7').

Would oil rubbed bronze or chrome fixtures be better?

Floor is hardwood - lighter ash. Toilet, tub and sink are white.

I'm driving myself (and hubby)crazy with choices and second guesses!!!Any assistance is greatly appreciated as I am now suffering from analysis paralysis.


Tile suggestions
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