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I don't get the washlet

posted by: codnuggets on 01.22.2008 at 11:51 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I understand the features and the intended benfefits, I just can't buy into the concept in principle. Having never used one, I can't speak personally for its effectiveness, but I don't see how a spray of water and a blast of air can create cleanliness. Is that even the main reason for the washlet, or is it more a therapeutic novelty? My only frame of reference I can draw on for comparison is that when my I get something on my hands while cooking, it doesn't wash off by sticking it under the tap. There's almost always some soap and/or rubbing involved.

I'm very ignorant of your washlet world. Please share your insight so I can stop thinking badly of something I know nothing about. I tried to read up on previous posts, but the search function isn't cooperating.



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