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RE: Need advice for tile around fireplace (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: raineygirl on 07.22.2012 at 09:15 am in Home Decorating & Design Forum

Thanks dilly! That's beautiful and that has certainly giving me another idea. I never thought of using stone. I live in a condo and didn't want to spend top dollar for this but I think that is an excellent idea. Question: how does it look if the stone doesn't bump up against the end of a wall? Like the sides of your stone? I wouldn't be doing it to the top where it reaches the was wondering how it would look if its not flat against the wall?
Also, I'm taking up the tile in the sunroom. Putting down laminate flooring. Thanks for the idea!


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gap between range and countertop

posted by: cito on 08.07.2008 at 03:19 pm in Kitchens Forum

I had my Thermador Pro Harmony range installed today, and unfortunately there's a wide gap (a little over 1/4") between the two sides of the range and the granite countertop. I think it's partially due to the cabinet not being install properly, but at this point I can't have the contractor reset them or adjust the granite countertop. Does anyone have a similar situation, and did you do anything to fill in the gap to keep from food and spills falling into the gap?


I had the very same thing happen to me when I had my kitchen remodeled. There's supposed to be a 30" opening between the counters for your stove. I'm not happy about this gap on both sides. I have black granite counters so the white strips would not work for me. I need to just get over this but it really bugs me! Somebody didn't do their job correctly and I'm paying for it. Doesn't seem fair but there's no easy solution since all the work has been done. Somebody mentioned there are black t strips but I can't find them. Anybody know where I could find them?
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