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RE: looking for: acid reflux/heartburn (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: MsDi on 12.06.2001 at 07:24 am in Special Diet Recipes Forum

I agree with Alice. Since your are going to bed at 5am.
You shouldn't have to worry about not eating till 2am. I have
been tested for acid reflux-I think it was due to all the medicine they gave me when I had bronchitas. My doctor also said to try to eat 6 small meals. Acid builds up when you are sleeping, so you need to take your medicine before you go to sleep.Prilosec wasn't working for me so I had to change to Aciphex.Which works wonderful. Cokes & coffee are not good for you. My doctor did say I could have decaff. coffee. But stay away from carbonated drinks.
Hope you get to feeling better.


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